Tonight’s episode opens with the guys visiting Howard at work, with Sheldon wondering if his latest gadget was going to Mars, before Howard explains that it is actually a device he contrived to fool his new Fibit into thinking he was exercising, thereby making Bernadette think he was exercising. Leonard comments that it would not be bad if they all exercised a little bit more, while Sheldon points out that sometimes just thinking about exercise can have the benefits of actual movement. Feeling guilty, Howard decides to increase the speed of his device, claiming he is getting a “runner’s high” while doing so.

The guys decide to join the Caltech fencing club, which (un)fortunately enough is run by Barry Kripke. The decision is made once they realize the sport would not involve running, jumping, throwing, catching or wearing any kind of gym short that could be pulled down (or up! Sheldon points out). They arrive at their lesson, with Howard calling that he wants to be like ‘The Princess Bride’s’ Inigo Montoya while Raj wants to be like Puss In Boots. Kripke puts an end to their fun however by telling them their will be no sword-fighting re-enactments from ‘Star Wars’ or ‘Game of Thrones,’ and begins teaching them the basics, and the verbiage. (Sheldon claims he already knew a thrust that made contact was called a touch, but worried HR might call him in if he claimed he wanted to touch his friends). The lesson goes reasonably well, and the guys even get to pretend sword-fight like the movies when Kripke gets a phone call, thrusting and jabbing behind his back in one of the more visually entertaining shots of the episode. Toward the end of the lesson Leonard congratulations Sheldon on getting into the Fencing class, telling him it is good to see him not thinking about Amy. Kripke overhears the conversation and decides he should ask out Amy, which infuriates Sheldon, even more so when Leonard points out that eventually Amy will move on and date other guys.

The ladies meanwhile have been invited to the comic-book shop to help Stuart with the problem of getting women into the store. Although he has tried instituting a breast feeding area and folding the end of the toilet paper roll into a triangle, women do not seem to want to come into his store. The ladies check the internet and find many reviews with tales of Stuart’s creepiness, warning him that he is the source of the problem, and needs to shape up. Amy empathizes with Stuart’s loneliness, and he thinks Amy is flirting with him, and asks her out, which we later learn Amy gently rebuffed. Back at Penny’s apartment, Amy gets a text from Kriple asking her out, along with a naked picture so she will know what is on the table for the date.

The guys, true “athletes” now, head over to a sports bar for a drink, and so Sheldon can drown his Amy sorrows. Leonard tells him if Amy is going to move on by dating other guys Sheldon should also seek new companionship, to which Sheldon laments that the only women he would be interested in at the moment are married to Leonard and Howard. After 3 sips of a spiced pumpkin ale Sheldon decides it is time he moved on and ask out other women to help him get over Amy, and he hits on a blonde woman with a Pokemon pick-up line, which obviously does not go well for him. He then tries his luck with her grandmother, who is also not interested. He turns to the third woman of the group, a red-head with very white skin, and decides against asking her out, as we learn red-heads skew far too close to his long-standing fear of clowns.

On the way back home Leonard and Sheldon pass Amy and Bernadette in the hallway, and while Leonard and Bernadette make themselves scarce (Amy calling after Bernadette “You’re my ride! and Bernie replying “Walk!) the estranged couple take a few minutes to talk. It is clear Sheldon is still a little tipsy from the bar, but he does seem comforted by Amy’s news that although Kripke did ask her out, she turned him down. We then see a visceral reaction from her when Sheldon tells her that he asked out women at the bar, as clearly Amy does not like the idea of Sheldon moving on. They part ways, but it is clear that Amy is still not over Sheldon, and I know I’m not the only one hoping to see the Shamy get back together sometime soon.

In the episode’s final scene, Bernadatte is checking the results from Howard’s Fitbit on her tablet, and calling him over to ask how he managed to run 174 miles the previous day, to which Howard has no answer.


HOWARD: I can’t wait to see the look on her face when I die young.

PENNY: Honey, you twisted your ankle playing scrabble.

RAJ: (after Sheldon explains to be a swashbuckler you need a shield) We can still be swashers.
HOWARD: Well said Puss.

SHELDON: Prepare yourself for a rigorous touching!

AMY: Have you thought about advertising directly to women?
STUART: What if I put a sign in the window that said, “Women come in! Don’t be afraid!”

LEONARD: Even if its not him, Amy is probably gonna date someone.
SHELDON: You think so?
LEONARD: Of course. She deserves to be happy.
SHELDON: (slapping Leonard with a glove) How dare you!

Pretty fun episode, nice to see the original 4 guys out doing something yet again, and this time athletic, as it is yet another area that is always entertaining on the show. I still think Sheldon and Amy are bound to be back together (at least by the winter break), but I am kind of sad they are past the hilarious fighting part of their break-up. Looking forward to next week!