NBC continues with it’s science fiction Monday nights with new episodes of ‘Chuck’ and ‘The Cape’.

At 8pm “Chuck Versus the Gobbler” will air:

Sarah goes undercover to help Mama Bartowski, played by Linda Hamilton (‘Terminator’, ‘Beauty and the Beast’), take out the villain Volkoff, played by Timothy Dalton (‘License To Kill’, ‘Doctor Who’). Meanwhile, Ellie and Awesome battle over baby names.

Here’s a promo:

At 9pm “Scales” will air:

‘The Cape’ plants a tip about stolen money, which prompts Scales to confront his partner, Peter Fleming, during a costume party on a train.

Meanwhile, Max’s crew plots a robbery aboard the train, leaving the Cape and Orwell to figure out a way to stop them.

Here’s a clip:

Syfy continues with its new American version of ‘Being Human tonight.

“There Goes the Neighborhood, Part 2” will air at 9pm:

We find out more about the roomates, including how Sally died. Meanwhile, Aiden gets a surprise and Josh gets a visit from a member of his family.