‘Transporter: The Series’ and ‘Prison Break’ actor Chris Vance is the latest addition to ‘Supergirl’.  The British actor will play Non, a Kryptonian super villain originally introduced in the 1980 Richard Donner movie ‘Superman II’, played by Jack O’Halloran.  Non along with the cruel Ursa were the henchpersons of General Zod, a Kryptonian criminal and enemy of Superman’s birth father Jor-El.  The three criminals were banished to the Phantom Zone, which ironically resulted in them surviving the destruction of their home planet.  An accident freed them and allowed them to unleash their incredible powers in an effort to enslave the Earth.

In the original movie, Non was mute but most likely that will change as ‘Supergirl’ producers Greg Berlanti, Ali Adler and Andrew Kreisberg stressed that their version would be “a slightly different take on the character.”

Non on the show is described as:

A former scientist in a league with the House of El. Non is a brutal Kryptonian military officer who is sinister, powerful and angry. He’s the antithesis of all things Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) stands for. Non will quickly become Supergirl’s greatest threat.

Vance’s role, obviously, will be recurring on the series as he looks to be the Big Bad.

Jack O’Halloran as Non in ‘Superman II’

If the description of Non sounds incongruous with that of the mute muscleman from ‘Superman II’, it may be because this take is more inspired by the comics.  In 2007, the character was introduced in the ‘Superman’ comics and given a backstory of being a brilliant scientist on Krypton, until he was lobotomized for leading an attempted coup along with General Zod and Ursa.  Like in the original movie, the three criminals were banished to the Phantom Zone until their accidental release many years later.

The Phantom Zone, incidentally, also played a role in the 1984 ‘Supergirl’ movie, in which the Girl of Steel found herself trapped in the prison dimension.  That Supergirl, Helen Slater, will actually have a guest role on the new ‘Supergirl’ show as Kara’s adoptive mother.

Vance joins a list of other actors who will also have recurring roles on the show: Jenna Dewan-Tatum as Lucy Lane; Glenn Morshower as General Sam Lane; Iddo Goldberg as Red Tornado; Peter Facinelli as Maxwell Lord; Brit Morgan as Livewire; and Chris Browning as Reactron.

Are you intrigued by this new take on Non?

‘Supergirl’  also stars Mehcad Brooks, Calista Flockhart, Chyler Leigh, David Harewood, Jeremy Jordan and Laura Benanti.  It premieres on October 26, 2015 on CBS.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter