It’s back-to-school time for zombies! The end of summer brings with it the new television season, chock full of new series to discover and promises to pick up where we left off in our favorite shows. One series determined to keep the hype up until their premiere in October is ‘The Walking Dead.’

Staying relatively tight-lipped until the earth-shattering season 4 trailer debuting at Comic-Con, the producers seem intent on keeping the momentum going and fans lurching for more brains by releasing special deleted scenes and now a featurette, starring cast, crew, and creator Robert Kirkman.

I mentioned before on the coverage of the ‘Game of Thrones’ panel, and maybe it’s just because I’m cursed with the boring Standard American Accent, but I get a kick out of hearing how different actors’ true dialects are from that of their characters. Especially impressive is their spot-on Southern accents, which my Southern friends assure me can often be done poorly, even by other Americans.

It also sounds like AMC may have finally recognized the show as worthy of less budgetary restrictions, with these promises of “more zombies than ever before.” Maybe we’ll even break out of the “one episode of zombie attacks, the next about feelings” rut that they got into, simply because missing limbs and rotting flesh really eat away at the CG and makeup allotment.

Fans’ interests have to be piqued with the promise of a whole new threat outside of Walkers and even other people. As a comic-book reader, I have a pretty good idea of what that might be, but leave your own guesses in the comments below, and we’ll discover what it is together come mid-October.

Exciting things to come, and there’s certainly a lot of room for beloved characters to grow with the new dangers they’re up against. I wouldn’t even mind a few “feelings” episodes with this talented cast, and with veteran writer and talented showrunner Scott Gimple at the helm, fans are surely in for a treat.

‘The Walking Dead’ is set to return to AMC this October 13.