Star Wars fans the world over have been eagerly waiting for new details on ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi‘ and while we haven’t learned who the mysterious Supreme Leader Snoke of the New Order is, we have learned who he isn’t! We’ve seen hints that he could be anyone from Darth Plagueis reborn to The Emporer an entirely new character. One popular fan theory has been that we’ve known who he is for a couple of years as we were introduced to him in ‘Star Wars: Rebels‘.

On the hit animated series which is sadly going into its final season, we were introduced to the young Jedi Ezra Bridger who has been learning the ways of the Force. As much as he’s been leaning towards the light side, we have seen his constant temptation at the hands of Darth Maul as well as hints that he isn’t entirely in agreement with how the Rebellion is handling things. A prevalent theory has been touted that our young Jedi ended up being swayed to the dark side either be the cartoon’s end or for other mysterious reason.

This isn’t the case according to showrunner Dave Filoni! While he’s been enjoying reading all of the fan theories and can easily understand how this one was born, he wanted to clear the air:

“I try and beat around the bush. I like reading the fan theories, and when I read them, I think, ‘Well, there’s no possible reason that that can’t be true, it’s just not true.'”

With Ezra not appearing in the original trilogy or ‘The Force Awakens‘ it almost seems like the character has to be killed off in the closure of current season or have gone underground for an entirely different matter. Maybe, falling from grace and turning to the Dark Side in secret could have been the answer but not it looks to not have been the case.

While this doesn’t tell us who Supreme Leader Snoke actually is assuming he’s been introduced previously in the films, comics, or books that are considered canon – it does tell us one major character who he isn’t. As a fan favorite it would make sense to not turn Ezra towards the dark side, however, as there have always been tales of loss in a galaxy far far away, it would almost be a poetic end to his story if done right. Now we’ll just have to wait for the upcoming movie or two to find out Snoke’s real identity as well as the season finale to see how things play out for our young Jedi friend.

Are you happy to hear that Ezra hasn’t fallen so far as to become Snoke? Do you feel that we’ve already met the Supreme Leader in previous films? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Cinema Blend