There have been rumors that Robert Englund (‘Freddy vs. Jason’,’Zombie Strippers!’) was going to be reprising his role as Freddy Krueger in the next ‘Nightmare on Elm Street‘ and he has just crushed everyone who was dreaming that the casting was going to happen. Englund made it clear years ago that he wouldn’t be donning the glove again and just because the series is working on getting back to its roots doesn’t mean that they’ll be doing so with Englund, at least not with him as Freddy.

While his time for playing Krueger has passed he does have another idea of what he could do in the series:

“They’re not gonna be bring me back for Freddy. Perhaps they’d bring me back in a cameo as an elderly dream expert at the local clinic for dream analysis or therapy?”

Now that is a cameo I would love to see and it could easily be a quick cameo, kill, or even ongoing character. Somehow when he said that his time had passed as Freddy people thought that he might once again return to this iconic role. In fact, he had so much feedback that he had to take to twitter and say that:

While makeup would allow the actor to easily reprise the role at any age, it sounds as if the film is being rebooted again which means Englund won’t be returning outside of a potential cameo. Chances are that Jackie Earle Haley won’t be coming back either. While the reboot was by no means good, I can’t say it was Haley’s fault that he wasn’t able to resonate with audiences but more of the direction the movie went with.

Are you looking forward to another ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ reboot without Englund as Freddy? Do you think that they should just give up on the franchise at this point? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Cinema Blend