While at a recent event celebrating the release of ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron‘ on Blu-Ray/DVD, MTV News was able to grab a quick interview with Marvel head-hancho Kevin Feige, who offered some interesting tidbits about ‘Captain America: Civil War,’ and the fate of the Star Spangled Avenger. MTV originally asked the man what the fall-out from ‘Civil War’ meant for the future of Captain America as an Avenger and for the Avengers themselves, and it seems Feige told them they were missing the point. He explained that this was the third act in the Captain America trilogy, meaning while the Avengers and other heroes will be involved, it still revolves around Steve Rogers, and will finish the story they started in ‘The First Avenger.’ Here’s the quote:

“It’s very much, in a certain way, the completion of a Captain America trilogy…I think one day you’ll look back and watch — ’Captain America: The First Avenger,’ ’Captain America: The Winter Soldier,’ and ’Captain America: Civil War’ — and it’ll be one of the most unique and different trilogies ever around a single character…[We’re] bringing in some of the other players, most importantly Tony Stark, to tell that ’Civil War’ story. But it is very much a sequel to ’Winter Soldier.’”

I appreciate the studio’s dedication to their story, and their character, and trying to remind people that as much as we keep calling it ‘Avengers 2.5,’ ‘Civil War’ is still a Captain America movie, and the third movie of HIS trilogy, meaning major character arc completions, and big changes for the future of Steve Rogers. Could Feige be hinting about the death of Captain America, who “died” at the end of the ‘Civil War’ storyline in the comics? Doubtful, as the man would be crucified by the studio for even hinting about such a major plot point, but then again, it could be a possibility. What better way to shake up the MCU than to finally have a real death, something impactful and meaningful, that proves that the character shields (no pun intended) will not allow every hero to survive.

What is your take-away from Feige’s statement? Could we see the end of Steve Rogers in the MCU? Share your opinions below!