And here comes more rumors on ‘Suicide Squad!’ Today’s gossip about the highly anticipated anti-hero/ villain film concerns the character that is arguably the most well-known villain in DC Comics, and potentially comic books in general. Of course I’m referring the Joker, and his role in the ‘Suicide Squad’ film as played by Jared Leto. If true, I greatly appreciate the care and time spent on re-introducing the character to film audiences, especially after the phenomenal job Heath Ledger did with the character in ‘The Dark Knight,’ when everyone doubted DC would ever be able to use the character while people still remembered Ledger. Fortunately they managed to find Jared Leto to play the villain this time around, and most fans agree it was a smart decision, as Leto seems like he has the chops to continue the legacy of amazing actors playing the Joker.

As for the new information about the Joker in ‘Suicide Squad?’ They say the Joker’s body will be full of scars from battles with Batman, playing into the idea that in the DC Cinematic Universe, Batman and his rogues gallery have been around for a while, with both sides taking many injuries as a result of all their fighting. The Joker will spend almost all his time in the movie confined to his jail cell, offering hints and tantalizing bits of information to Squad members similar to Hannibal Lecter in ‘Silence of the Lambs.’ Of course, the rumored jailbreak at the end of the film will see Joker escape, and potentially feature the Batman cameo everyone is talking about, which would be a fine lead-in to the solo Batman film where they say the Joker will be the main villain.

Of course, much like all of the news, rumors and gossip coming out about ‘Suicide Squad,’ believe what you will, as there is no official confirmation on any of these things. Some even say all the rampant “leaks” are nothing more than the studio trying to throw the press off the scent of what’s really going to happen, so at this point there is nothing but possibilities for the film. I guess we’ll just have to wait to  find out the real story when the film opens in 2016.

Source: JoBlo