As if the loss Ichabod suffered last season wasn’t enough, it seems that his luck is getting worse in the upcoming third season of ‘Sleepy Hollow.’ Looks like he is going to be ending up somewhere you might not have expected! Not only that, but we have surprising word on what Jenny will be up to as well when the season moves forward. Fox has just released a “Big Season 3 Scoop” in the form of a photo on how Crane will end up being in the premiere on Thursday October 1st and it isn’t looking pretty for him.

Well, unless you think orange is a good color for Ichabod.

That’s right ladies and gentlemen we’re about to see Ichabod in jail! With a year having passed since Season 2 coming to a close and Abbie having been away at Quantico for her FBI training, you can’t help but wonder if Crane got in trouble by doing some investigating on his own.

Previously Clifton Campbell who has taken over as the showrunner has said that Ichabod “needed to find a place of his own” though falling on the wrong side of the law isn’t what I would have expected.

It isn’t just Crane that is switching things up as Jenny is going to get away from just trying to find demons and get an actual job. No longer on the fringes of society and helping from the shadows to avoid a one way trip back to an asylum but she’ll actually be a productive member of society. Not only does she have a job but it’s one that will be able to benefit Abbie and Ichabod moving forward. No word quite yet as to where she’ll be employed but it will be another piece to the puzzle that the third season of ‘Sleepy Hollow’ is presenting us with as to the massive changes to characters and story.

Are you looking forward to the third season of ‘Sleepy Hollow’? Why do you think Crane is going to be in jail as the season opens? Share your thoughts below!

Sources: Cinema Blend and TV Line