Cloak & Dagger

At the ‘Cloak & Dagger’ panel at San Diego Comic-Con, the cast– Olivia Holt (Tandy Bowen/Dagger), Aubrey Joseph (Tyrone Johnson/Cloak), Ally Maki (Mina Hess) and Emma Lahana (Detective Brigid O’Reilly)– gathered to discuss the Freeform Marvel Comics adaptation’s first season, which is still ongoing.  (It wraps up on Thursday, August 2.)  But there were a couple of glimpses toward the future, including the official announcement that Freeform had ordered a second 10-episode season!

This is no mystery.  ‘Cloak & Dagger’ was Freeform’s best series debut in two and a half years and regularly attracts 4.4. million viewers.

The following teaser was shown, indicating that “Season 2 will be Mayhem”:


The term “Mayhem” may be a little SPOILER-Y, but if you are familiar with the comics, you will understand the significance, as well as the significance that Lahana was among those in attendance.  (If you want to know, click here.)

In another sign of things to come, executive producer and showrunner Joe Pokaski discussed the recent misleading scene in which it appeared that Tandy and Tyrone were having sex, only for it to turn out that it was Duane Porter and his girlfriend.  Pokaski admitted:

“That was absolutely intentional to rope-a-dope you guys.  It was the idea that we’re going off of telling a story of the future, and we were excited to tease what will happen in their future and to let the audience hopefully wonder, ‘Wait, is that Tandy and Tyrone?’ and then adjust accordingly.

“We’re surprised that when we got to kind of adapting for television that we wanted to start in a slightly different place, but with every episode and even as we start talking about episodes beyond the first season.  Now we’re slowly building towards that Cloak and Dagger of the comics, but I don’t think we could have started right away with that imagery or even with their relationship.”

Finally, as one last bit of promotion, Freeform released this comic book-inspired poster for the second season, which also bears the slogan “Season 2 will be Mayhem”:

As you can see, along the bottom– that isn’t a subliminal bit of product placement for Monster energy drinks– are four glowing green claw swipes, similar to the ones in the video teaser.

It’s unclear when the second season will launch, but considering that the first is still going on, it’s likely that Season Two will also be a summer series.

Are you a fan?  Are you glad that ‘Cloak & Dagger’ will return for more exploits?

‘Cloak & Dagger’ currently airs on Thursday nights at 8pm EST.