“Catch me when you can…”

It’s difficult enough trying to track down the movements of a modern day, Wesen-killing Jack the Ripper type but pairing that with a former lover and friend going off the deepest of ends? Well, it makes for a stressful time for Nick and the gang but that’s not the worst of it. No, the worst is they don’t know the half of what’s coming their way.

Portland, murder capital of the TV world?

Coming straight from last episode’s crime scene, Nick, Hank, Wu, and Monroe arrive at the smoldering ruin of the Grimm trailer. It’s a burnt out husk of memories for all four men but so much history has been lost to the flame. Thankfully, they discover a few surviving artifacts and take them to Monrosalee’s spice shop for safekeeping. Speaking of safe-keeping, it’s time to find Adalind another place to stay. Considering Juliette’s knowledge of each person, Nick can only think of one place his furious ex wouldn’t look—Bud’s place. The Grimm gives his Wesen buddy/plumber the bare bones of what’s going down, stressing to the little guy how no one can find out about this, especially Juliette.

Speaking of the jilted/Hexenbiest-turned ex-lover, she uses the trailer fire distraction to return home and send an email to Nick’s mom, Kelly Burkhart, to lure the woman back to Portland. She reports back to Kenneth who continues his not-so subtle manipulation of the newly powered Hexenbiest but it may not even be necessary as this is not the same Juliette we’ve come to know and love over the past four seasons.

While the personal events in Nick’s life are bad enough, we can’t forget the professional. This time around it’s a killer who takes to female Wesen prostitutes, slicing their throats and removing their uterus. After the first murder, Hank suggests the Jack the Ripper connection and, after a bit of research, they find records of a very similar instance during the Luxemborg Peasant Revolt in 1798. Written by the Grimm of the time (and a century before Jack the Ripper slithered through the streets of White Chapel), it chronicles his observations of the horrible murders and, instead of pointing towards a Wesen as the culprit, he believed it was the work of another Grimm. Eventually the chronicler tracks down a soldier seemingly responsible and his smiles before the Grimm delivers the death blow. After Nick gets called in for another victim, Monrosalee believes it’s time they call in the cavalry: Trubel.

Though the detectives brief Renard throughout the investigation, the police captain is dealing with his own issues. First, he wakes up in the middle of someone’s swimming pool with no memory of getting there but he’s also there for Adalind when she has her mother’s body exhumed for the suppressing potion (more on that later). Worst of all is the return of the phantom wounds during a press conference he and the mayor have to discuss the killings with the press. Out of his wits with worry, he pays Henrietta a visit, telling her about the blackouts and dreams. His confession alarms the Hexenbiest but despite a real sense that she knows something she doesn’t offer him enough incentive to stay. More’s the pity because, soon after Renard’s visit, Henrietta becomes victim number three on the Wesen Ripper’s tally sheet.

Throughout everything else going down this episode, Adalind and Rosalee have continued working on the Hexenbiest suppressant potion for Juliette. After some toil and trouble, they get the finished product but before offering it to Juliette they need to test it out. Adalind volunteers herself as the guinea pig and, after a spectral tussle and room-shaking quakes, the gang has proof that it works. Now all they need is a willing Juliette to down the vile tasting liquid.

Nick’s hesitation may cost everyone…

Unbeknownst to our heroes, Jules has been busy. She’s gone over neighborhood details of casa de Nick for the proverbial storming of the castle and, with Kenneth by her side, agrees to meet Nick at the shop to take the potion. Well, she doesn’t actually agree to take the potion, something that becomes abundantly clear to the group when she shatters the jar on the floor, tosses Monrosalee across the room and proclaims her love to her new and exciting form. Nick draws down on her but as they say, he who hesitates is lost. His indecision allows her time to take control of Nick, forcing him to point the weapon at Monroe. Despite fighting her powers, he can’t pull it away and as they scream and shout for Juliette to stop, the screen fades to black an instant before we hear the gunshot.

Oh, damn…

If I Didn’t Know Any Better

  • For starters, I’d think Monroe’s a goner but we know that’s not the case. Maybe Nick gains control just enough to make it a flesh wound or something equally formulaic. Maybe Juliette just wants to scare them…one thing I’m sure about though is that she’s gone too far. The question is always asked when a former good guy (or gal) goes over the edge, wherein lies the point of no return? No, Juliette hasn’t quite reached that level yet but even if she flips on Kenneth in the end, things between her and Nick will never be the same.
  • If not for the height discrepancy from what we saw prior to the first lady of the night’s murder, I’d think this Jack the Ripper Wesen-killer was Renard. Based on his dreams (nightmares, really), the thing reaching out towards him, the blackouts and Henrietta being victim number three all makes him a legitimate suspect. Even if he’s not the killer, what he’s going through may still be related to the murders.
  • What I do know, however, is that Portland’s going to be a gathering place of Grimm with Trubel and Kelly coming to town. It will not be a good thing for Kenneth and his cronies. The question becomes, which side will Juliette decide to officially cast her lot?