You may have heard the terms Red State and Blue State, usually in relation to national elections.  If you didn’t know, Red States are those where the political views skew toward the conservative– Republican by at least a 5% margin.  Blue States are largely Democratic, or liberal, by the same percentage.  And those that fall in the middle or that vary by less than 5%, are the coveted Swing States.  Since candidates can count on their respective states, it’s those undecided states that can spell victory… or defeat.

Do the same political differences hold the fate of this fall’s new TV shows as well?  It may!

TV Guide polled inhabitants of all 50 United States to see which freshman programs they were most anticipating.

Check out their findings below:

It seems whether Republican or Democrat, Americans love their super heroes.  The two shows that viewers are looking forward to the most are NBC’s ‘Heroes Reborn’ and CBS’ ‘Supergirl’.  But the two parties are divided.  The conservative Red States are most keen on ‘Heroes Reborn’, the reboot of NBC’s prior hit ‘Heroes’ which ran from 2006-10.  But the more liberal Blue States are more excited about ‘Supergirl’ a new series from the creators of The CW’s ‘Arrow’ and ‘The Flash’ based on DC Comics’ Girl of Steel.  And the in-betweeners?  Another vote goes to ‘Supergirl’!

To be fair, there’s not a huge difference among the three factions.  Overall, in addition to those two series, all states are looking forward to ABC’s political thriller ‘Quantico’, CBS’ movie-adaptation ‘Limitless’ and NBC’s mysterious thriller ‘Blindspot’ starring Jamie Alexander (Marvel’s ‘Thor’ movies).

Here are the specific breakdowns:

Red States:

  1. Heroes Reborn
  2. Supergirl/Quantico (tie)
  3. Blindspot/Limitless (tie)

Blue States:

  1. Supergirl
  2. Heroes Reborn
  3. Blindspot
  4. Limitless
  5. Quantico

Swing States:

  1. Supergirl
  2. Heroes Reborn
  3. Blindspot
  4. Limitless/Quantico (tie)

It’s the lower ranking shows that offer the most interesting variation.  Conservative viewers are more highly anticipating the terrorism-themed ‘Quantico’, while it ranks last(ish) in more liberal areas.  Those same conservatives aren’t quite as pumped over the more fantastical ‘Limitless’ and ‘Blindspot’.

Bucking all trends, the citizens of Wyoming are most looking forward to the… uh safe-looking ‘Chicago Med’ which will air on NBC.  Guess they don’t air ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ reruns there.  Or ‘ER’.  Or ‘Chicago Hope’.  Or ‘Saving Hope’.  Or… you get the idea.

Does the region in which you live accurately convey the show you are most excited about?  If not, are you considering moving to a more like-minded state?  Or are you just upset that no one else seems as excited as you about the sitcom adaptation of ‘Rush Hour’?

Source: TV Guide