In my review of ‘Batwoman’ #3, I called it! I knew things were going to go poorly for Bette Kane, also known as Flamebird of the Teen Titans, who has been training with Batwoman, her cousin Kate, for the past few issues.  Sure enough, she runs out to fight some crime and gets impaled and nearly dies!

Meanwhile, Kate has sex with Maggie Sawyer.  It’s pretty explicit, so I’m once again a tad put off that DC labeled this book as appropriate for teens.  However, unlike the case with ‘Catwoman’, this scene was very tasteful… but still too explicit for teens, I feel.

It was jarring that the two scenes were interspersed, with the sensuality of the love scene and the brutality of Flamebird’s battle.  Cameron Chase, a character I previously liked, behaves very callously to Flamebird’s injuries.  Once Flamebird is in their fake hospital setting, she lies and tells her she is dying and asks who she should call.  Then she tells her men to change her dressings and drop her off at Gotham General.  Hey, I LIKE Flamebird dammit!  This makes me very unhappy!

Batwoman continues investigating the La Llarona mystery.  She thinks she uncovers a lead, but it’s a dead end.  Cameron Chase and Director Bones seem to get whatever information they were after as well, which will lead to further problems for Kate.

This book continues to excel!  I really do love it!  The artwork, with J.H. Williams III constantly altering his style for different sequences is simply astounding!  The storyline is gripping, however the La Llarona story is really beginning to drag!  It’s been pushed into the background as the D.E.O. storyline takes up a bigger part.  On one level, it makes for more complex storytelling, but on another, I just want to say “Get on with it!”

As a fan of Bette Kane, I will be seriously upset if they kill her off!  There is an amusing sequence where Cameron Chase calls Batman a “pain in the ass” and notices that if you “Get close enough to Batman, and nobody can get close to you.”  There’s also an obscured cameo that should hopefully delight classic Teen Titans fans.  (It rhymes with Ollie Best or Lid Crash.)

Overall, yes, I’m getting impatient.  This is why I don’t read certain comics like ‘The Walking Dead’ or ‘Fables” as monthlies.  I wait for the trade, because I want the entire story in one or two sittings.  Every issue leaves me wanting more and I hate waiting the 30 days between doses!  This series is truly excellent!  I say it every month; this comic is absolutely art and it’s the best comic on stands.  How is this not the best selling comic out there?  Is it too smart?  That’s all I can come up with.

Verdict: Buy

Written by J.H. Williams III and W. Haden Blackman
Art and Cover by J.H. Williams III