Jamie Lee Curtis (‘Halloween’,’New Girl’) is all set to follow in her mother’s footsteps on ‘Scream Queens‘ by reenacting the shower scene from ‘Pyscho’.

Curtis is the daughter of the original scream queen Janet Leigh and will now be able to give her mom a great tribute by recreating the scene she is most remembered for in Ryan Murphy’s latest horror anthology series. Fans of ‘American Horror Story’ know that creators Murphy and Brad Falchuk love doing homages to horror films, so this should be no surprise that they’ll be doing a few nods to such iconic works here as well.

Here is a preview of what we can expect:

There is no word at this point if the scene will lead to the death of Curtis’ character on the series or will just be used as a plot point. What is interesting, though, is even with all of her work on the ‘Halloween’ franchise this is her first time doing a scene like this, although she does have a good reason for it. According to Curtis:

“My entire life I have refused to step into the shower because it belongs to my mother. I have attempted to step out of the shadow of my parents for a long time…It felt like they’ve both gone, and enough time has passed. This role has appeared in my life. It’s unexpected and delightful.”

I think fans can appreciate that and agree that she has stepped out from her parents’ shadows by this point. I’m looking forward to seeing it actually play out on screen.

If the showrunners are staying true to character, it could likely be the episode where Dean Cathy Munsch bites the big one. As an anthology series there is no guarantee that any character will live through to the end as the second season will have a whole new story being told.

Are you looking forward to checking out ‘Scream Queens’? Do you think Murphy will have as much success here as he did with ‘American Horror Story’? Share your thoughts below!

‘Scream Queens’ will debut on Fox on Tuesday, September 22nd, 2015.

Source: Cinema Blend