doctor who seeason 11

As the new season of ‘Doctor Who’ gets closer to its premiere, the BBC continues to tease Whovians with new information, sneak peeks, images and more from Season 11. Now, a brand new image of companions Yaz and Ryan has been released!

And, while fans are certainly excited about all of the news and previews, many are left wondering when The BBC will release the most important piece of information to the public. That, of course, being the actual premiere date for the new season!

The new image appeared on Twitter and features Mandip Gill’s Yaz and Tosin Cole’s Ryan walking through an alien landscape looking either confused or concerned about whatever lies ahead of them. Check out the newly released image below!

In addition to the Doctor’s new companions, the writers behind ‘Who’ have teased that the upcoming season will feature much darker storylines than past seasons. Pete McTigh described his episode as “creepy”, while Joy Wilkinson and Ed Hime said theirs will be “dark” and “spooky”.

Young Adult novelist and ‘Who’ writer Malorie Blackman told ‘Doctor Who’ Magazine that she was excited by the challenge of writing for such a vast audience. She said:

“Part of the joy of writing for ‘Doctor Who’ is to try to surprise your audience, no matter what their age. I love unpredictability – where you introduce the unexpected, even into a story the audience may already think they know.”

So, it seems there is a lot to look forward to when ‘Doctor Who’ does return. Whenever that may be! For now, you can watch the official trailer for the 18th time, like me!