finn jones upset as danny rand

In the wake of the negative critical and fan outcries following the release of ‘Iron Fist,’ it seems Disney has put the pressure on Marvel Studios to fix the problems with the last member of ‘The Defenders,’ the first and most critical issue being the questionable casting decision of the lead role. It became clear to anyone watching the show that Finn Jones did not have the skill to properly portray a character who is supposed to be one of the best kung fu masters of the MCU, and his awkward portrayal of Danny Rand in every fight scene did significant damage to the series and the franchise being built on Netflix, especially when compared to the amazing work done by Jessica Henwick in the Colleen Wing role. Henwick’s fights had excellent choreography and it was all too clear that the show-runners leaned very heavily on her skill to give a level of legitimacy to the series. And when she and Jones were on-screen fighting side-by-side it was almost painful to watch, especially when she was supposed to be struggling to reach his character’s level of mastery in the show.

So really, it should not come as a surprise to anyone that Marvel is looking to replace Jones, but what is surprising is the fact that they are doing it this quickly, especially with ‘The Defenders’ having just finished shooting. Perhaps the first cut was seen by the higher ups who decided that Jones had not improved enough to warrant endangering their Netflix MCU world? Potentially. Either way, there are some definite re-shoots coming down the line, which could really push back the release date of ‘The Defenders,’ especially if it takes significant time to find the correct man to play Danny Rand. Of course, Marvel could always push up ‘The Punisher’ to help fill the gap, but that might not work if story elements of ‘The Punisher’ take place AFTER the events depicted in ‘The Defenders,’ but that is for the writers to figure out.

What are your thoughts on the hasty decision to get rid of Finn Jones and delay ‘The Defenders?’ Do you think it is the right call? Do you think he deserves another chance? Do you wish it was any other day BUT April Fools day so there was a chance this article was true? Share your thoughts and reactions in the comments below!