Electronic Arts has delivered the first trailer for ‘Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes’ and it is giving us the heroes and villains that you’ll be able to play throughout the game. You’ll have your pick of some of the most iconic characters from the ‘Star Wars’ universe and pit them against one another in quite a few classic locations. The premise of the game is pretty simple. You aren’t actually playing these classic heroes and villains but you are in a cantina far from hub of the real world and entertainment there comes in the form of a holographic game. This game brings together many of the greatest names from the Empire and the Republic. With the faces we see below my money is on this taking place before ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens‘ but far enough after the original trilogy for Luke Skywalker to be famous and a Jedi.

This clearly isn’t an Empire friendly world if they are so openly showing off this many rebels as playable characters. Chances are this is a wretched hive of scum and villainy on a backwater planet that usually doesn’t have Imperials visit let alone inspect this particular building.

You can check out the trailer below!

We also have a few screenshots from the game to share with you from what looks to be the start screen, character select, and actual game play!

Whenever we see Jedi pit against non Force users I always think they have to strike an interesting balance in mechanics and game play to make the fights fair without losing the mythology. I’m curious how they’ll be pulling it off in this one.

Are you looking forward to ‘Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes’? Which character do you want to play the most? Share your thoughts below!


Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes allows you to join the galactic hologames in a cantina far, far away. Build your team and fight in memorable, RPG-style turn based battles across iconic locations to become the most legendary hologamer in the galaxy!

Source: Slash Film