Alright, this is the final batch of Cosplay photos we took at San Diego Comic-Con 2018! In this grouping, we have photos of Cosplay of all kind, video games, graphic novels, movies, Harry Potter, steampunk, manga, etc. It was a lot of fun to see the avid fans of all of these different mediums and franchises, and truthfully, these might be some of my favorite costumes because of all the creativity that clearly goes into creating them.

I say it every year but I really liked any costume where they do characters in Steam Punk, but for this lot, I think my favorites have to be the Pink and Green Power Rangers, as those clearly were crafted with a lot of love and looked incredible up close. I especially enjoyed how they altered the Pink Ranger costume to be a duplicate of the Green Ranger costume (chest shield included) only they changed the colors to match the Pink, with the chest shield going silver instead of the original gold. Honorable mention would go to the guy going super Saiyan as he really committed to his costume and was doing that pose for a lot of people while just walking around outside of Comic-Con.

So that is it for Cosplay this year, make sure you talk about your favorites in the comments section below, and check back here for more from our trip to Comic-Con 2018!!


If you missed any of our other cosplay galleries from this year’s SDCC, you can find Part I here and Part II here. Can’t wait to see what new looks will come next year!