Starz certainly knows what its audiences want and that’s more ‘Ash vs Evil Dead’! Even after releasing a second trailer and more images, the cable network has followed that up with this behind the scenes featurette comprising of interviews with the cast and executive producers.

You don’t have to have seen the first three ‘Evil Dead’ films (yes, I am purposely avoiding the reboot version) to enjoy this new series. Just on face value alone, the series looks to be an absolute blast! However, if you are a fan of the franchise, you’re in for a real treat. The same humor and horror from the original two films are back and it has even been kicked up a notch! As music composer Joseph Loduca explains, “What we are doing is blending some of the approaches used in the original ‘Evil Dead’ but making them bigger and badder and bolder and scarier.”

You can check out all the fun in the featurette below:

‘Ash vs. Evil Dead’ takes place 30 years after the events of the 1992 ‘Army of Darkness’ with Ash Williams (Bruce Campbell) still the same Ash as he lives his life avoiding responsibility and his destiny. As Campbell explains, “Ash has always kept the chainsaw, the ax and the book, but it’s been rusting on a shelf somewhere.” Somehow the Neconomicon gets read prompting Ash to do the very thing he’s been avoiding but is actually good at – fighting Deadites.  Campbell will be joined by Lucy Lawless, Ray Santiago, Dana Delorenzo and Jill Marie Jones for a horror filled “jolly spatterfest” 10 episode run.

With the pilot episode written and directed by original ‘Evil Dead’ creator, Sam Raimi, how can you not be excited for the series to premiere?

‘Ash vs. Evil Dead’ will premiere on Halloween night, October 31st, on Starz.