With the creation of CW’s DC TV Universe, fans have been rampant in trying to find out whether or not Batman exists in the universe first created by ‘Arrow,’ and whether or not he will ever be making an appearance in Starling Star City. With the existence of Harley Quinn as mentioned in Season 2 of ‘Arrow,’ it seems pretty definite that Batman does exist, as does Gotham City and of course, the Joker, as Harley Quinn cannot have come into existence without her “Mister J.” And we have already confirmed the existence of “Wayne Tech” (at least in the future) on ‘The Flash,” as the future newspaper that Eobard Thawne kept referencing had a small article about the merger of Wayne Tech and Queen Inc. But for now, it seems that Warner Bros is content to let Batman’s existence in the CW universe remain fan speculation, neither confirming or denying the fan rumors.

Recently, Comic Book spoke to star Stephen Amell about the Batman/ Bruce Wayne question, to which he himself apparently was curious enough to ask the folks over at DC/ Warner Bros. According to Amell, who was recently interview at Wizard World Chicago:

“I had a conversation with Diane Nelson who runs DC and we spoke a lot about them wanting exclusivity in the universes and them wanting separation in the universes and her explanation … essentially revolved around making the best version of each thing and not forcing crossovers for the sake of forcing them.”

To which, I must admit, that does make a certain amount of sense. Unless there was an ‘Arrow’, ‘The Flash‘ or ‘Legends of Tomorrow‘ story that specifically needed the Dark Knight to appear, there is not much sense in forcing him into the universe, especially when Batman is well known to handle his own city and only travel for Justice League missions, of which there is none in the CW Universe. Plus Warner Bros most likely wants to keep Ben Affleck in the public’s mind as “The” Batman of the current era, and not confuse things by having a TV Counterpart.

What are your thoughts on the lack of the Bat on the CW’s DC shows? Does it really matter that much if we do not see him? Or do you think including Batman and his rogues gallery would enrich the world of ‘Arrow’ and ‘The Flash?’ Let us know your opinion below!