Two decades ago, the world was changed forever as the U.S. was invaded by an unstoppable force known as the ‘Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’. The Power Rangers were a rambunctious team of teenagers with attitude that were here to stop the forces of evil from conquering planet earth! It’s been over twenty years since they first showed up stateside, and now that their original fanbase is all grown up, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers are more popular than ever! We are even getting a big budget reboot of the ‘Power Rangers’ film franchise next year from Lionsgate.  One of the most important factors to the ‘Power Rangers’ series is its sense of continuity and ‘Legacy’, which is shwon by no better example than the team at Bandai Toys who have been producing the majority of the ‘Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’ toys on the market since the brand first hit in 1993.

When the series turned twenty in 2013, they launched a line dubbed ‘Power Rangers Legacy’ in honor of this series great history, and filled the line with products that called back to the earliest seasons of the show including titanium editions of the original Megazord and Power Morpher, as well as the Green Rangers infamous Dragon Dagger! The line has continued on well past 2013 and is still going strong, and is now starting to offer collectors even bigger and better items! Bandai took full advantage of New York Comic Con 2016 to showcase some of these fantastic looking new items, and today we’re here to give you the run down of the coolest new Bandai Power Rangers offerings at the show!


On display at New York Comic Con 2016, Bandai had a ton of great new items that would make any classic ‘Power Rangers’ fan giddy with excitement! Of the items on display for the ‘Power Rangers Legacy’ line, we saw the new full size and wearable Red Ranger Helmet, the Power Rangers Communicator, and for the first time the full scale Red Ranger Sword! This sword is massive, and according to the folks at Bandai they’ve made it fully playable too! By keeping the blade plastic while the handle is made of metal, the Red Ranger Legacy Sword should have a decent amount of weight to it the way a real sword would!


In addition to the prop replicas from the show, we also saw more of the titanium infused Legacy Zords in the form of the limited edition black and gold Ultra Mega Dragonzord and the Ninja Falcon Megazord. The limited edition black and gold Ultra Mega Dragonzord is a comprised of limited edition black and gold versions of the Legacy Megazord, Dragonzord, and Titanus! These versions of the Megazord and Dragonzord have been previously sold exclusively at Toys R Us Stores, and the only new one seen here is the black and gold edition Titanus. Logic would indicate that this is set to be a Toys R Us exclusive release sometime in the next year or so.


The Ninja Mega Falconzord looks phenomenal, and up close appears to be a complete reissue of the original 1995 version but with titanium parts! This strays a bit from previous ‘Power Rangers Legacy’ Zords, as they have all been getting new builds that largely improved upon the originals. Still, it looks fantastic and is supposed to be hitting stores any time now! It’s worth noting that the Falconzord is sold separately from the Ninja Megazord.


The ‘Legacy’ line continues to impress as Bandai had a display of their new 6″ scale ‘Power Rangers Legacy’ figures as well. This line features Rangers from throughout the series history, although it does tend to be favoring the original lineup pretty heavily. These figures are fully articulated and come packing a bunch of great accessories, so they’ll fit right in with most of your standard 6″ scale figures!


And of course, with the new movie coming out next year, Bandai took the chance to showcase the figures for their upcoming toyline based on the new ‘Power Rangers’ film. These look to be a part of the aforementioned ‘Legacy’ toyline, and are also in 6″ scale with full articulation and accessories! There is no set release date for these just year, although it’s likely they will hit early next year to coincide with the movie release.


Overall, it looks like Bandai is going to be killing it this year with their new Mighty Morphin Power Rangers merchandise! Whether you’re a fan of the life sized prop replicas, the 6″ scale figures, or the titanium Zords, there isn’t much not to love about any of this years offerings!

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