Fox has begun the marketing campaign to prepare audiences for their ‘Minority Report’ TV series, starting with a featurette introducing the current state of affairs for the Pre-Cogs last seen in Steven Spielberg’s ‘Minority Report’ film, and give us an idea of how the future has changed in the 10 years since the events depicted in the film. It is nice to see the continuity continue from the existing film (instead of just being inspired by it and then changed for television), as well as to see the future of characters from the film, even if it is just the precogs and not Tom Cruise‘s character or the other policemen that worked around him. The show, as stated before, takes place 10 years after the film, which ended with the termination of the Pre-Crime program, and the government allowing the precogs to live their own lives. Now, it seems one of the precogs, after being plagued by continued visions of future crimes, wants to get back in the business of preventing said crimes, but finds it is a lot harder to accomplish without his siblings working with him.

The pilot for the show is written by ‘Godzilla’ screenwriter Max Borenstein, and stars Meagan Good (‘Think Like a  Man’) as detective Lara Vega, Stark Sands as precog Dash, who works cases with Detective Vega, and Nick Zano (‘Happy Endings’) as Dash’s brother Arthur, who will eventually join forces with his brother to help solve crimes before they happen. Another good note for the show is that Steven Spielberg himself has given his seal of approval by adding his name as Executive Producer on the show, which he has the option to do on any Amblin Television project. Clearly there is something in the pilot that is impressive enough for Spielberg to want to help push the show forward.

What are your thoughts on the new show based on the featurette? Will you be tuning in to watch when it premieres in September 21st? Let us know in the comments below!