New York has been invaded by the British, but this time it’s not by the Redcoats but by a Time Lord with a bow tie. This past week, the cast and crew of ‘Doctor Who’ have been on location filming around New York City in what will be the final episode featuring Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill as Amy and Rory Pond, the Doctor’s companion for the last 2 years.

Whovians around the production areas have been wonderful in sharing their photos and videos of the filming that has occurred and we have a few to share with you all. Now some material may be considered as spoilers (the video definitely is!) so if you don’t want the effect of the Pond’s farewell episode to be minimized, then you may want to stop reading here.

***************************************** SPOILERS ************************************

There has been much speculation about how this episode will play out. During the filming for the first episode of the season, it’s been reported that Rory and Amy are seriously not getting along and that Rory just may have had enough. Rumor has it that episode 5 is really not a farewell episode for the Ponds as it is more of an episode where Amy will meet her demise.

In the two videos below, the first shows the Doctor despondently walking over to a bench with a piece of paper in his hand. The second video seems to be a continuation of that scene where the Doctor is reading the note that obviously is heartbreaking as reading it brings him to tears. Although Gillan is sitting next to him, it appears she is more assisting in the scene by reading her lines that may be later used as a voice over in the episode leading us to think that this may be a goodbye letter from Amy. Since the Weeping Angels are involved, does that mean they were able to transport her to the past where she lived out the rest of her life (like Sally’s friend in ‘Blink’) never to see the Doctor again?

Since we couldn’t just leave you with something so sad, photos from various filming locations have been included showing happier times between the Doctor and Amy. Some things to take notice is the book that the Doctor is holding, which seems to be a key to the episode as it was written by a Melody Malone and the newspaper headline that Amy is reading states that the Detroit Lions won the Superbowl (football fans, you can stop laughing now).

Smith has previously said that this Ponds’ final episode would be “incredible” while showrunner Steven Moffat said it would be “heartbreaking.” From the looks of the videos and photos, I would say their words are an understatement and this may end up ranking as one of the most remembered episodes of all time.

‘Doctor Who’ New York Location Videos:

‘Doctor Who’ New York Location Photos:






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