For anyone who loves the ‘X-Files’ but feels the shows can take itself a bit too seriously, Fox just picked up a pilot for a series that might be right up your alley. The new show, called “Ghosted,’ will star Adam Scott (‘Parks and Rec’) and Craig Robinson (‘The Office,’ ‘Mr. Robot’), and landed a pilot order at Fox last August, with high hopes for the series, especially since the actual ‘X-Files’ was coming back for another round this coming fall.

The new show centers around a another unlikely  duo, with a cynical skeptic (played of course by Robinson) and his partner, the “true believer” (played by Scott) recruited by an organization known as the Bureau Underground and tasked with looking into the “unexplained” activity in LA, which apparently leads to a bigger mystery that has the potential to bring about the end of mankind itself. The show is being written and executive produced by Tom Gormican who is most well known for ‘That Awkward Moment,’ as well Robinson, Scott and his wife (also his producing partner) Naomi Scott, plus Mark Schulman and Olyu Obst of 3 Arts. It is one of three comedy pilots Fox has ordered from 20th Century Fox recently, showing a definite trend from the company to attempt to keep its programming produced in-house.

The series will be a reunion of sorts for Scott and Robinson who previously worked together on the ‘Hot Tub Time Machine’ film series, and would be both actors’ return to starring in a network television series, with Robinson having formerly been on ‘The Office’ and Scott having been on ‘Parks and Rec,’ both shows on NBC. Whether or not their particular brand of humor will work well together in this context, and work well enough to garner the kind of audience and ratings that would keep them on the air is another story entirely, and only time will tell if ‘Ghosted’ could turn out to be the kind of success they hope it will be. Would you tune in for ‘Ghosted?’ Or does the premise not interest you? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Deadline

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