About four months ago, Hugh Jackman announced his official retirement from playing Wolverine in 20th Century Fox’s X-Men film franchise. Word is that after cameos in ‘Deadpool’ and ‘X-Men: Apocalypse,’ the Australian actor will finally hang up his claws after filming the sequel to ‘The Wolverine’ and leave Logan behind him after appearing as the character in every X-Men movie since 2000. And now it appears that the light at the end of the tunnel is visible for Jackman as he has begun teasing his last ride with the hot-headed hero on his social media accounts.

As production continues on next year’s X-Men offerings to the box office, Jackman is likely in the pre-production trenches with director James Mangold and screenwriter Michael Green as they develop the story for the third standalone film starring Wolverine. There has been some talk that the iconic Marvel Comics character’s next movie will be based on the acclaimed ‘Old Man Logan’ storyline thanks to an offhand remark made by the actor at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, but none of that has been confirmed yet. What is certain, however, is that the creative team behind the movie is currently working on the script and they’d like some fan feedback.

Earlier this week, Jackman took to his Twitter to tease True Believers with a cheeky image of himself in character as Wolverine as he holds up one claw next to the hashtag “#OneLastTime”. He also asks his fans what they would like to see in the finale to his nearly twenty-year run with the role. Check it out right here:

While I hope that they don’t rely too heavily on what the fans think, it is very cool that they’re looking to the people that made Wolverine as popular as he is in the first place to weigh in on what they’d want to see in Jackman’s final film as the Canucklehead. But what stories could they list that Fox could fully do justice? Throughout Marvel Universe history, there have been many iconic stories featuring Logan, but many of them involve characters that are off limits to the studio. ‘Old Man Logan’ is a prime example, but Peter David and Todd McFarlane’s ‘Vicious Circle’ features the Hulk and the phenomenal ‘Madripoor Knights’ storyline by Chris Claremont and Jim Lee involves a WWII era Captain America. Though those would both make great movies, the chances of them happening are extremely slim.

Although, if I were to throw up a guess as to what could go down, I would say that Mangold and Green might introduce either X-23 or Daken to the X-Men movie universe. With X-23 being his clone and Daken being his son, both characters could offer an interesting take on the next generation of Wolverine on the big screen rather than recasting someone new right away. I mean, a young female Wolverine would offer one hell of a fresh new dynamic to these movies. Plus, with Logan’s “offspring” in play, that could leave the door open for Jackman to make appearances in the future for when he inevitably gets drawn back for a cameo or two down the line.

What do you think of Hugh Jackman’s teaser for his final appearance as Wolverine? Which storyline do you hope James Mangold and Michael Green adapt for this last adventure? And which characters do you want to stand alongside Logan for Jackman’s swan song? Let us know in the comments.