Rita Repulsa

One new twist introduced in the recent big screen reboot of ‘Power Rangers’ was making villain Rita Repulsa (played by Elizabeth Banks) the original Green Ranger, versus Zordon being the original Red Ranger.  While on the original TV show, they had been mortal enemies for eons, it was never specified if either had been an actual Ranger.  Honestly, overall, it was a nice nod to the original canon.  But it was a twist and some apparently questioned this storytelling decision.

Dean Israelite, who directed the film, responded to a question about this choice by saying:

“When I first came up, that is what we started to talk about is that she was going to be the Green Ranger. We were trying to figure out a mythology for her, and it felt like there was real evidence in the cannon because she ultimately ends up giving Tommy the coin. That there was evidence in a way that she could be the Green Ranger.

“So it fits really organically into the mythology that is already there, and when we came up with that idea, it was very exciting, because we felt like we had kind of opened up this whole new prologue in a way.”

Rita is only shown in her full Green Ranger costume at the beginning of the film but does continue using the Green Power Coin throughout the movie.  In the original series, Rita corrupted Tommy Oliver, the Green Ranger played by Jason David Frank, making him her slave in an attempt to infiltrate and betray the group.  The mid-credits scene of the movie teased the introduction of Tommy in the sequel, but since the movie underperformed, it’s not clear whether or not Lionsgate will even make a sequel at this point.  (Perhaps if it does well on DVD/Blu-Ray…)

Speaking of which, the film is now available on all formats of home video, including streaming.  If you want to see a sophomore installment in this franchise, grab it now and show your support!

Do you want to see the introduction of Tommy to this generation of ‘Power Rangers’?

Source: Cinema Blend