News from The CW front is cranking out at rapid speed as yet another new role has been cast, this time for ‘Arrow.’  ‘Teen Wolf‘ star J.R. Bourne joins the hit series as the super villain Double Down.  That’s right a SUPER villain!  ‘Arrow’ stood firmly by its “no powers” rule for the first two seasons, but bent things with the introduction of Barry Allen, who gained super speed and went on to star in the spinoff series ‘The Flash’.  Even so, ‘The Flash’ regularly grappled with colorful super foes, while ‘Arrow’ remained focused on non-super terrorist-types.  That looks to be changing.

Double Down is Jeremy Tell, a mobster who can “turn his playing card tattoos into deadly weapons.”  In the comics, Double Down is a Flash villain, so it’s rather ironic that he is debuting on ‘Arrow’ instead of that show.  But it’s not the first time, as Captain Boomerang (played by Nick E. Taraby) also took on the archer first.  Not counting crossovers, this marks just the second metahuman foe for Oliver, the first being Deathbolt (Doug Jones) in Season Three.

In the comics, Double Down’s body is bonded with a cursed deck of playing cards, which he can detach and mentally command.  The TV version is toned down version with card tattoos, most likely for financial reasons.  This brings the character closer to another DC villain the Tattooed Man, who appears to be in the ‘Suicide Squad’ movie, played by Common.

Bourne recently played Chris Argent on ‘Teen Wolf’, the same show that brought us Colton Haynes, who played Roy Harper on ‘Arrow’.  He previously appeared in recurring roles on ‘Revenge’ and ‘The Secret Circle.’

Bourne’s Double Down makes his debut in the third new episode of ‘Arrow’ this fall.  The new season kicks off on October 7th.