With filming having already started on the six episode ‘The X-Files‘ miniseries it is surprising to hear about three new cast members joining the production! Aside from the return of David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson as Mulder and Scully we’re also seeing a ton of new names popping up. Today we’re happy to share with you that Kumail Nanjiani (‘Goosebumps’,’Silicon Valley’), Lauren Ambrose (‘Torchwood’,’Can’t Hardly Wait’), and Robbie Amell (‘The Flash’,’The Tomorrow People’) are all joining the cast whom you can see in order above.

While we heard of the other new additions from the studio, Nanjiani took to Twitter to share the good news:

What we know about his character is that he will be an animal control officer. The episode he will star in will be written by Darin Morgan who was responsible for quite a few X-Files episodes in the past and he was clearly excited to work with him as shown above.

Just like Nanjiani, you can expect Ambrose and Amell to only be appearing in a single episode. However, unless they meet a tragic end these two might have a chance of showing up again down the line. In the episode in which they appear, we’ll be seeing Ambrose set to play Agent Einstein while Amell is playing Agent Miller. Assuming that these two are teamed up as partners and are part of the FBI and not another agency we could very well see them cross paths with Mulder and Scully again down the line when the series inevitably continues.

Are you looking forward to the return of ‘The X-Files’? Do you think the two agents will be helping or hindering whatever X-File we see Mulder and Scully investigating? Share your thoughts below!

Sources: Screen RantCinema Blend