The end of the world is a pretty weighty topic, but it’s one that the gang from ‘Supernatural’ deal with on a daily (or at least weekly) basis.  This past season was no different, as the brothers Winchester struggled with Dean’s possession by the Mark of Cain, which drives him to nearly kill Sam and perform bad karaoke.  The crew had to deal with the requisite death of a loved one and standing between humanity and destruction.  So it’s no surprise that when things get too heavy onset, the crew has to keep its spirits up by cracking jokes and playing pranks.

Season 10 of ‘Supernatural’ will be released on September 8th and like previous releases, one of the bonuses is a gag reel, showing the cast cutting up after flubbing takes or in between shots.  And like in the past, the clips are set to a classic rock soundtrack, this time Bon Jovi’s ‘Livin’ On A Prayer.’

Not only does this gag real give you a glimpse at the real people that embody these fan favorite characters, but illustrates how comfortable they are with one another.  Headed into Season 11, it’s a good thing these actors actually like one another.

Get ready to laugh along with the cast as you peak behind the curtain of Season 10 below:

‘Supernatural’ Season 11 kicks off October 7th and creator Jeremy Carver promises a more “epic” tone, with an overreaching quest and a Big Bad (The Darkness formerly trapped in the Mark of Cain).  You can get caught up on September 8th when Season 10 is released on DVD/BluRay.

What would you like to see happen on Season 11?

Source: Jared Padalecki Official