“Arrow’ star Stephen Amell recently sat-down with a number of reporters at San Diego Comic Con for a roundtable discussion of the 4th Season of the show, revealing many interesting facts about the upcoming season. To start with, he was asked about what Felicity and Oliver have been up to between seasons, to which he responded with the following:

“…five months have passed and Oliver has learned a bunch of new skills. But typically when we come back from a hiatus, it’s like a new suit or a new bow or he decided that he wanted to take up jiu jitsu. This time around, almost all of the skills pertain to domestic life, which is fun.They’ve traveled and I believe that they’ve settled. It’s interesting to learn who has enjoyed this process more, be it Oliver or Felicity.”

Next he was asked about Oliver’s relationship with his “wife” Nyssa, and whether or not that will be a factor this year:

“No. I don’t think that weddings at knifepoint in Nanda Parbat, lorded over by a sorceress really count in the great scheme of things. Felicity did have that funny line in the finale about annulling the marriage, but no, that doesn’t actually play…I think that there is an uncommon truce between them [Oliver and Nyssa], coming from the fact that I killed her father, and the only reason she was upset was that she wanted to be the one to do it. That being said, I installed her mortal enemy as the new leader of the League. So I’m sure when I see her, it’s not going to be high-fives and hugs.”

When asked about what Oliver and company would be facing this season, and what brought him and Felicity back to Starling City, he had the following to say:

“Impending doom, as it always does. Look, our show is our show. I’m not going to spend five episodes in domestic bliss in nowheretown. The show is the show. We come back, five months have happened, and conveniently right when we pick back up again, I get activated, so to speak…So, what we are dealing with this year — and I wouldn’t say it’s as concrete as it was last year when it was like “The Theme: Identity!” — is magic and mysticism. And Oliver alludes very early on in the season that this is something that he’s seen before, so clearly that will play into this year’s flashbacks for him.”

He was also asked about the morality of Oliver Queen, and whether or not he would ever be an inspirational superhero such as Superman or The Flash, to which Amell replied:

“It’s interesting this year: When Oliver re-enters Starling City, it’s a different guy. That’s exciting for me because this will be our seventieth episode, so it’s exciting that he’s going to consider things differently. We think we see a different Oliver, but when the rubber hits the road, when push comes to shove, when the people that he cares about are in danger, that sort of primal instinct that he’s always had, I would suspect that it would rear its relatively handsome head…The Arrow is not an inspiration…but the Arrow is dead, so if there is a new version of that hero, hopefully one of the things that he strives to do is inspire people. That is the basic tenet of a superhero — that they have to make people believe in something bigger than themselves.”

All in all it sounds like we are in for some interesting twists and turns this year, and more character development for our hero, who it seems may not be as dark and gloomy as before, which I think would be an improvement. What are your thoughts on Amell’s comments? Sound off below!

Source: Comicbook.com