The ‘Ant-Man‘ media blitz continues, this time with a few new featurettes for the pint-sized hero, the first giving us some glimpses of the team he assembles to steal the Yellowjacket suit from Pym Industries and save the world, while the second clip highlights Scott’s relationship with Hope Van Dyne and being trained as ‘Ant-Man.’

The first clip deals with a little more of the plot for ‘Ant-Man’ and showcases the team comprised of Scott Lang’s friends recruited to help in the heist, including Luis, the Inside Man, Kurt, the Hacker, Hope, the Coach, and Dave, the Wheel Man. It is a bit more of humerous clip, showing off the tension between Scott’s friends and Hope and Hank Pym, clearly setting the stage for the antics that would ensue while they prep the heist.

The second clip tells a little bit more about Hope Van Dyne, as Marvel is clearly trying to promote her as a strong female character to quell criticisms that the MCU is mainly a boy’s club. Hope is no-nonsense, clearly the best fighter of the group (as evidenced by the clip of her punching Scott Lang, which they basically use in every trailer and clip), and has a lot to offer the team, including her knowledge and history with the Ant-Man suit. Whether or not we will ever get to see her suit up as the Wasp (a heroine that is traditionally Janet Van Dyne, whom we are all assuming was Hope’s mother) is anyone’s guess, though I wonder if maybe she will alter the Yellow-Jacket suit in order to create the Wasp suit.

All in all, the clips are continuing to get me excited for ‘Ant-Man,’ and I cannot wait to see how it does when it opens in theaters next week! Are you as excited to see Marvel’s next superhero? Or do you think this might be Marvel’s first big flop? Let us know your opinion in the comments below!

Source: Coming Soon, ET