Fresh off the news that Bryan Singer is done with the ‘X-Men’ franchise once ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ hits theaters next year, is the news that 20th Century Fox would like to keep the man working on their cinematic universe (I guess we would call it the X-Men Cinematic Universe, or XCU), by having him carry on in the universe directing the sequel to this summer’s ‘Fantastic Four’ film.

Number one, it is somewhat telling about the quality of the ‘Fantastic Four‘ film that has not even come out yet that 20th Century Fox is already looking for a new director, saying that they hope Singer can steer the franchise back on course so the team is well established by the time they have a cross-over film with the ‘X-Men’ in 2018.

And not only do they want Singer to direct the ‘Fantastic Four 2’ film, they also would like him to helm the aforementioned crossover with the ‘X-Men,’ meaning, if Singer agrees to their terms, that he was mistaken in believing his time with the ‘X-Men’ is over. Other rumors indicate they do not just want him for his directing prowess either. After seeing how smoothly the ship runs over at Marvel/Disney with Kevin Feige running the show for all the movies, and how dysfunctional things seem to be at Warner Bros without a captain helming the ship (see the ‘Wonder Woman’ and the ‘Green Lantern’ films both fighting over Chris Pine), it seems 20th Century Fox would like to see Bryan Singer and Simon Kinberg running the XCU to keep it on course.

The real question is of course, is Bryan Singer interested in any of it? He has publicly stated he was done with the ‘X-Men’ franchise, and he does not seem the type to be swayed by money or loyalty to a studio, as any who remember the events surrounding ‘X-Men: The Last Stand’ and ‘Superman Returns’ can attest.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Is Singer the right man to run the XCU? Can ‘Fantastic Four’ be saved by one director, or should 20th Century Fox just give up on the tricky franchise? Let us know your opinions below!

Source: This Is Infamous