The ‘Fantastic Four‘ movie has fans nervous for a number of reasons, but the creators behind the new adaptation hope that viewers will give the film a chance, as they believe that they have cracked the code on how to make these characters work on the big screen, where they faltered before.  Producer and co-writer Simon Kinberg assured, “I get the skepticism going into it because the previous movies weren’t very good.  It’s a very hard title to crack.”  Indeed, while 2005’s ‘Fantastic Four’ and 2007’s ‘Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer’ didn’t bomb, they weren’t well received or even remembered much at this point.

Josh Trank, the director of the new film stresses that there will be a heavy emphasis placed on the character’s super powers, in both good and bad ways.  “[Trank’s debut film, 2012’s] ‘Chronicle‘ was all about the discovery and evolution of those powers.  This is like, ‘What if it’s a couple years later and it sucks?’ ”

But it’s not all meta ennui.  Expect sparks to fly and not just when Michael B. Jordan‘s Human Torch lights up.  “The audience should expect an epic, massive, huge, multipower slugfest,” Trank promises. “This movie is big. A lot of stakes.”

Julian McMahon as Doctor Victor Von Doom in the 2005 version of ‘Fantastic Four’

Have the creators learned from others’ mistakes when handling this property?  Maybe, maybe not.  One of the biggest flaws with the first two films was the overhauling of villain Victor Von Doom, or Doctor Doom.  Rather than the European dictator encased in a bulky suit of Iron Man-like armor, American actor Julian McMahon’s Doom gained lightning powers in the same accident that granted his foes their powers.

Is Trank’s version, played by Toby Kebbell, more faithful to the source material?


This version isn’t even named Victor Von Doom, but rather Victor Domashev and is described as an antisocial programmer.  Once again, he gains super powers in the same situation that gives the Fantastic Four theirs.

Does any of this change your thoughts about ‘Fantastic Four?’  Does a huge splashy slugfest excite you?  Are you intrigued to see how this Doom measures up?  Comment below!

Directed by Josh Trank, ‘Fantastic Four’ stars Michael B. Jordan, Miles Teller, Kate Mara, Jamie Bell, and Toby Kebbell and opens in theaters on August 7.

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