You know the old saying “everything but the kitchen sink”? Well in this new film by Sony entitled ‘Kitchen Sink’ it looks like humanity is throwing everything it has, including a sink, at a group of aliens who are trying to take over the world.

Currently the cast they are trying to throw at the film includes Nicholas Braun (‘The Watch‘) stars alongside Mackenzie Davis (‘Breathe In’), Josh Fadem (‘The Eric Andre Show’), Chris Zylka (‘The Amazing Spider-Man‘) and Denis Leary (‘The Amazing Spider-Man’). However it seems they are in talks to finish rounding out the cast by adding in Vanessa Hudgens (‘Sucker Punch‘) as well.

In the film, a group of teenagers are going to try to save what is left humanity by aligning themselves with vampires and zombies to stop the invading aliens. They are apparently trying to bill the film as a fun horror feature in the same vein as ‘Zombieland‘ just with more over the top monsters involved. I can dig that. My one concern is how they are making a deal with zombies? Intelligent zombies are slowly making inroads into media by showing up in such titles as ‘Warm Bodies‘.

Hudgens is in talks to play the popular teenager of the group who finds herself in danger when the aliens attack the city. While Leary’s character will fall into exactly to what he plays best – a fast talking and not so friendly resident. Yes, he’ll be one of the smartest ones in town but he’s clearly going to be someone who no one else is all of that fond of. Leary’s come a long way from his early stand up comedy and I have to say, the more he is on screen the better off we all are.

The film is being produced by Matt Tolmach (‘The Amazing Spider-Man’). It will also have up and coming director Robbie Pickering and be written by Oren Uziel. Oren doesn’t have much in the way of completed works at the moment but is currently also down as the writer for ‘Mortal Kombat’ and ‘Men in Black 4‘.

Source: The Wrap.