Channing Tatum knew he was going to be asked questions about his upcoming ‘Gambit‘ film while promoting ‘Magic Mike XXL,’ and it seems like he was prepared for those questions. We already know he was taking lessons on card and magic tricks, but it is also good to know about the work being put into the accent for the vaunted Cajun. Here are Tatum’s thoughts on finding an accent that would fit the Gambit character:

“I’m from the south, so I know who to go to to find the accent. I haven’t found ‘the guy’ yet, because generally that’s how I do accents. I’ll find the person I want to sound like and not just do a generic Cajun accent. So I haven’t found the guy yet.”

I like the idea of finding a particular person to model the accent after, as it will definitely seem more genuine than a generic accent, and give the X-Man a lot more character. My only worry is whether or not Tatum will be able to fully pull off a sophisticated accent, but I’m going to give the man the benefit of the doubt, as he has yet to disappoint his audience.

When asked about Gambit’s costume for the film, Tatum had less to say, clearly wanting to hold back on what they were thinking so far:

“That’s kind of the fun part, to massage it. You can’t just, like, do it how people think. You want to give it some base of reality. If you do do it, you got to make it sort of relative to the reality.”

Which to me means either they have not put much thought into the costume yet, or they have and they still do not know what they want to do just yet. Considering that they need to start production ASAP, that is a little worrisome.

The final quote we have is from Reid Carolin, writer/producer on ‘Magic Mike XXL’ and also producer on ‘Gambit,’ who was asked about how ‘Gambit’ was going to work with the rest of the established ‘X-Men’ cinematic universe.

“This is a standalone movie and it’s the story of Gambit and we’ll probably gradually integrate that character into the X-Men universe as we go. As far as what characters from the X-Men universe make it into the movie — we’re not exactly sure yet, so we’re figuring it out. It’s still at the script stage… It’s his story in New Orleans.”

It will be interesting to see how it all comes together, especially with the premiere of the film being only a little over a year away (October 7, 2016). Here’s hoping Tatum and company can get all their ducks in a row in time to put together the ‘Gambit’ film the fans have been waiting for. For now, check out Tatum and Carolin discussing the ‘Gambit’ film in the clip below.

Source: Collider