It’s a nice breather/day-in-the-life issue as Carol tries to enjoy a day off, but is interrupted when Tony Stark hacks her calendar and rearranges things.

Carol takes her cat to the vet, has breakfast with a possibly homeless woman, helps a grad student with a project and… oh yeah, fights two T-Rexes in downtown Manhattan alongside best pal Spider-Woman.  She also has a run-in with some armed gunmen when she attempts to help Frank Gianelli who is trying to start a transport business.

Writer Kelly Sue DeConnick manages to take all of  these mundane events (well, other than the dinosaurs and gunmen) and make them not mundane.  Instead, the chatting with a coffee vendor, the woman in the park, etc. just fleshes Carol out further, making her seem more and more like a real person, with a rich life and a particular rhythm and habits.  This sort of thing could come across as “telling instead of showing” but here it doesn’t.  It works very well and feels “real.”

The art is very stylized, but overall I liked it.  The action scenes are the weaker aspect for me, as they are very extreme to the point of being cartoonish.  But it’s not bad exactly, just exaggerated.  The facial expression and other bits of story-telling look great and  work very well.

This was an off-beat, light-hearted issue, but it was entertaining and really helped to further develop Carol as a leading character.  This series as a whole seems almost anti-commercial and you kind of have to respect that.



Written by Kelly Sue DeConnick
Art by Felipe Andrade
Cover by Jamie McKelvie and Jordie Bellaire