‘The Bad Seed’ is being remade for a second time into a new made for TV movie. Lifetime has decided they love William March’s novel though apparently don’t think that the 1956 film or 1980’s remake were able to properly do it justice. So here we are with a third iteration of the book adaptation now in the works.

In Lifetime’s version, we’ll be following a mother named Kate who is trying to juggle both having a career and being a loving homemaker. As much as she tries to pull it off though she isn’t able to but by no fault of her own. No, her daughter just happens to be a sociopath who is “smart, dangerous and intent on killing”. This isn’t exactly the mother/daughter bond that can survive through anything.

Currently the script is set to be written by Barbara Marshall (‘Terra Nova’,’Viral’) and will be produced by Warner Horizon Television. At this time we’re still early enough in pre-production that there is no news on a director, actors, or even a release date.

While Lifetime has been wanting to push for more genre shows on their network, the results have been a little mixed. We’ve already seen them cancel ‘The Lottery‘ and move ‘Damien‘ to A&E .’ The move to fitting horror hasn’t been going over too well and it makes me worry that for this to work too much of the sociopathic nature of the daughter might have to be watered down.

Are you excited to hear that ‘The Bad Seed’ is getting a modern face lift or is this another classic horror film that just does not need to be modernized? Do you think that Lifetime is the right network to be making this happen? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Cinema Blend