Casting for ‘The Dark Tower‘ is continuing to heat up as director Nikolaj Arcel has just tapped Tom Taylor (‘The Last Kingdom’,’Doctor Foster’) to play Jake Chambers! A relative newcomer to acting and genre films, Taylor will be the 12-year old who gets drawn into Roland Deschan’s world. If he has it even half as bad as the Jake from the novels, we know that Tom will be in for pretending to show quite a bit of both physical and mental trauma on film as he is not only sucked from his own world but is truly run through the ringer in Roland’s. I mean, the film is based off of a Stephen King novel so you know the characters aren’t going to have it easy going in, but the heroes of ‘The Dark Tower’ are some of the most abused that King has written.

I’m sure it helps that he was able to spread the suffering over decades and multiple novels.Not only is Taylor going to have to show off how hurt he can be but he will also have to remain hopeful and inspire Roland and the Katet to feel the same way in quite a few instances.

Taylor will be joining Idris Elba as Roland, Matthew McConaughey as the initial villain the Man in Black, Abbey Lee as an original character for the film, and a rumored Aaron Paul as Eddie Dean with no word as of yet as to who will be playing Susannah.

Are you glad to hear that we are being given a fresh face in Tom Taylor to play Jake Chambers or would you have preferred an actor with more work under his belt? Who else do you think could have pulled it off and played such a young character? Share your thoughts below!

‘The Dark Tower’ is set to open its doors in theaters everywhere on February 17th, 2017.

Source: Slash Film