Each and every year, hundreds of thousands of people gather in San Diego for our annual celebratory geek festival, San Diego Comic Con! Also known as Comic Con International, SDCC is easily the biggest annual event for the geek community, known for it’s huge film announcements, comic books, celebrity attendants, and of course, exclusive collectibles! That’s why we are here to bring you this special edition of our usual Toy News Tuesday column, to bring together all the news you need to know about this years San Diego Comic Con Exclusive items that you won’t want to miss! Yes, we have already covered a few items during our usual weekly posts, but there have been so many cool new items announced in the last few days that we’re bringing them all to you in one easy place! Without wasting any more of your time, check out some of SDCC 2015’s Exclusive Collectibles below!

 Antman Marvel Legends

Marvel Studio’s ‘Antman’ movie hits theaters in just a few short weeks, so with that in mind Hasbro has been leaning heavily on Marvel Comics ‘Antman’ character and his supporting cast! Fans can’t seem to get enough of these great characters, so Hasbro is lumping a ton of your favorites together into a fancy ‘Antman’ themed Marvel Legends box set!

The real novelty of this box set, is that it includes a ton of different versions of Antman, Giantman, Goliath, and even just a plain old Hank Pym, but they are all in different figure scales, so it’s like they’re all growing and shrinking right into your collection! To be a little more specific, in this set you get a 12″ Giantman, 6″ Goliath, 3.75″ Hank Pym in a lab coat ( featuring both helmeted and non-helmeted interchangeable heads), 1.5″ Scott Lang Antman,and a 1″ Hank Pym Antman (the last two are unfortunately non-articulated). It’s pretty fantastic. With an MSRP of $64.99, it certainly seems like a pretty worthwhile pickup for Marvel fans!

Outside of the box set, Hasbro is also releasing a special 0.75″ tall Antman minifigure! He will be retailing for $9.99, but is the smallest ever Marvel legends action figure produced by Hasbro! To clarify, this guy is smaller than a penny, and is about the size of an ACTUAL ant! He is so small, that his package literally just looks like a matchbox, which slides open to reveal him on his teeny tiny blister card.

(via Marvelous News)

First Order Stormtrooper

Also coming from Hasbro, Star Wars fans can satiate their hunger for ‘The Force Awakens’ by picking up the first official ‘Force Awakens’ based toy, this 6″ Star Wars Black Series First Order Stormtrooper! This fully articulated figure is coming in a special new packaging to commemorate it’s release as the first figure from ‘The Force Awakens’ and will have an MSRP of $25.99!

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Exclusives: More Than Meets The Eye

This year, Transformers fans are going to be elated as one of the single most wished for figures is finally coming to life, an updated full scale Devastator Combiner figure! This is the first time in quite a while that we are getting a proper Devastator figure, and this is the biggest one ever made! This massive Devastator Combiner figure is made up of 6 smaller Voyager Class Transformer Constructicon figures just like the original G1 version except on a much larger scale! To top it all off, this figure sports an exclusive new head sculpt and vac-metal parts, and it’s all packaged in a special window box display case! Devastator is set to retail for $179.99

If somehow Devastator isn’t enough for you, then maybe these Transformers Femme Fatales will do the trick? This new Transformers Combiner Hunters set features Deluxe Class editions of Windblade, Arcee, and Chromia with all new paint decos and sporting exclusive new weapons that they will use to hunt down and eradicate Devastator! This box set will retail for $74.99.

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Diamond Select Toys SDCC Offerings

Our friends over at Diamond Select Toys have really knocked this year out of the park with the amazing selection of SDCC Exclusive items! There are just too many to choose from, but so many that you wouldn’t want to pass up on! Check them out below-

Gotham “Roughed Up” Penguin Exclusive Action Figure

A Diamond Select Toys release! DST is kicking off their highly anticipated Gotham TV Select action figure line with this SDCC exclusive, a “roughed-up” version of Oswald Cobblepot, a.k.a. The Penguin! A common look for the frequent snitch and traitor, this battle-damaged Penguin looks like he’s fresh from another power play gone wrong, and is only available at the DST booth. Figure measures approximately 7” tall with 16 points of articulation. Limited to 150 pieces. ($20.00, only at booth #2607)

Gotham Minimates Fateful Meeting Jim Gordon & Bruce Wayne 2-pack

A Diamond Select Toys release! The first season of TV’s Gotham may be over, but anticipation for the fall premiere has already begun! To tide fans over, DST has created an exclusive two-pack of Bruce Wayne and Jim Gordon as they appeared on that fateful night, when they first met. Each 2-inch Minimates mini-figure features 14 points of articulation as well as interchangeable parts. ($10.00, only at booth #2607)

Batman: The Animated Series Almost Got ’Im B&W Batman Resin Bust

A Diamond Select Toys release! In Batman’s world, justice is always black and white! DST is swinging into the world of Batman: The Animated Series, and they’re kicking things off with a line of resin busts! This Comic-Con exclusive black-and-white edition of their Batman bust is based on the classic episode “Almost Got ‘Im,” and measures approximately 6 inches tall, atop an art-deco base inspired by the show. Packaged with a certificate of authenticity in a full-color box. Limited to 1100 pieces. ($60.00, only at booth #2607)

Batman: The Animated Series Almost Got ‘Im B&W Catwoman Resin Bust

A Diamond Select Toys release! Justice may be black-and-white, but Batman’s relationship with Catwoman is fifty shades of grey! DST kicks off their line of resin busts based on the world of Batman: The Animated Series with this Comic-Con exclusive black-and-white edition of Catwoman, featuring the felonious femme and a feline friend, as seen in the classic episode “Almost Got ‘Im”! The bust measures approximately 6 inches tall, atop an art-deco base inspired by the show. Packaged with a certificate of authenticity in a full-color box. Limited to 1100 pieces. ($60.00, only at booth #2607)

Star Trek U.S.S. Defiant NCC-1764 Starship

A Diamond Select Toys release! As seen in the classic Star Trek: The Original Series episode “The Tholian Web,” the Constitution-class starship U.S.S. Defiant was caught in an interphasic rift, leading to madness and death among the crew before being drawn into another dimension. To celebrate the impending anniversary of the original series, DST will bring a limited run of this 16” model, cast in translucent green plastic to simulate the effects of interphase, to their booth at Comic-Con! Packaged in a full-color window box with a display stand. Limited to 200 pieces. ($65.00, only at booth #2607)

Batman The Animated Series Femme Fatales “Almost Got ‘Im” Harley Quinn B&W PVC Statue

A Diamond Select Toys Release! DST is celebrating the Femme Fatales of Batman: The Animated Series with a line of statues, and Comic-Con kicks the line off with an exclusive variant version of Harley Quinn! Based on her appearance in the episode “Almost Got ’Im,” this statue captures the Joker’s partner-in-crime defacing the Bat-signal in two of her favorite colors: black and white! This 9-inch black-and-white statue is crafted from PVC plastic, and comes packaged in a full-color window box. Sculpted by Steve Varner Studios. Limited to only 4,000 pieces. ($45.00, available at booth #2607 and other retailers)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Minimates Comic-Style B&W Box Set

A Diamond Select Toys release! For Comic-Con, DST is taking the TMNT back to their comic-book roots with a four-pack of Minimates that depicts the four Turtles in their classic comic book appearances – and in glorious black-and-white! Based on the Turtles’ monochromatic debut in the original Mirage Comics issues that launched a worldwide phenomenon, this four-pack includes Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo and Raphael, each with their signature weapons. Each 2-inch Minimates mini-figure stands 2 inches tall with 14 points of articulation, and features interchangeable parts and accessories. Packaged on a full-color blister card. ($20.00, available at booth #2607 and other retailers)

Podcast Pals Kevin Smith Vinimate Vinyl Figure

A Diamond Select Toys release! It’s an all-new line of vinyl figures from DST! Vinimates, the first-ever Minimates-style vinyl figures based on pop-culture icons, are making their debut at Comic-Con, and who better to get Vinimated first than comic book icon Kevin Smith? A comic writer, comic-shop owner and unabashed geek, Kevin Smith will be the first static, 4-inch Vinimate in the “Podcast Pals” series of Vinimates, featuring some of the biggest celebrities SmodCo has to offer. Holding a microphone and wearing his trademark “Puck U” hockey jersey, Kevin comes packaged in a full-color window box. The Vinimates phenomenon starts here! ($10.00, available at booth #2607 and other retailers)

Ghostbusters Angry Stay Puft Metal Bottle Opener

A Diamond Select Toys release! You’ve got the tools, you’ve got the talent, but do you have a bottle opener? The Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man can open anything: churches, gateways to other dimensions, you name it. Now, this exclusive angry version of our 4-inch metal Mr. Stay-Puft will open up your favorite bottled beverage and magnetically stick to your refrigerator door! Packaged in a full-color slipcase. ($18.00, available at booth #2607 and other retailers)

Marvel Minimates Ant-Man Movie Exclusive Box Set

A Diamond Select Toys release! The smallest hero of the summer is now Comic-Con’s coolest exclusive – and he’s almost actual size! This exclusive four-pack of Marvel Minimates features four new figures based on Marvel’s Ant-Man, including Shrinking Ant-Man, Shrinking Yellowjacket, civilian Scott Lang and Ant-Thony the Ant! Each 2-inch Minimates mini-figure features 14 points of articulation as well as interchangeable parts and accessories! ($20.00, available at booth #2607 and other retailers)

Ghostbusters Slimed Logo Pizza Cutter

A Diamond Select Toys release! There’s a pizza party at Spook Central, and the only way to make sure there’s enough pizza for everybody is to slice it up with an official Ghostbusters logo pizza cutter! This exclusive slimed version will divide your New York-style pie however many ways you need it, but do it quick, before Slimer eats it all! Wheel is removable for cleaning. Packaged in a full-color window box. ($18.00, available at booth #2607 and other retailers)

Funko SDCC

Every year it seems that Funko goes even more over the top and blows away any and all expectations that collectors have for them at SDCC. The last few years we had an abundance of exclusives, and so far this year isn’t looking to be too different! Funko has already announced countless SDCC Exclusive items, and some of them aren’t even being sold by Funko directly! Here’s the full round up so far-

The crew over at Fugitive Toys has the jump on quite a few other distributors as they have not one, but THREE exclusive Funko POP! Vinyl figures to offer at this years convention. Fans can treat themselves to the first ever John Diggle POP! from Arrow (with Diggle dressed AS The Arrow as well!), as well as a White Lantern Wonder Woman POP! and a variant Glow In The Dark White Lantern Wonder Woman POP! figure.

Toy Tokyo is also offering a ton of exclusive Funko figures for this years convention! Some of their offerings include special edition Hikari Vinyl Figures of Gigantor and a Stormtrooper, a Metallic Mean Machine POP! Ride, POP! Vinyls of ‘Glow In The Dark’ Catbug, Flocked Wolfman, and Robot Devil with a Violin, and ReAction figures of battle Damaged T-800 and a Flocked Wolfman.

Aside from many of these other companies, let’s not forget that we are getting a veritable TON of new SDCC Exclusives from Funko directly! From POP! Vinyls, to Dorbz, Hikari, and even ReAction, there are so many new things to look forward to! Here is the rundown so far-

From POP! Vinyls we are getting Grinning Ultron, barbershop Quarter Olaf, Unmasked Flash, Unmasked Leia (Boushh Disguise), Bryan Fuller, Nova Corps Rocket Raccoon with baby Groot, Eleventh Doctor holding a Cyberman Head, Unmasked Jason Vorhees, ‘French Mistake’ Castiel, Spacesuit Twelfth Doctor, Gold Chrome C-3PO, Lil’ Gruesome (Red), Lil’ Gruesome (Orange), Gold Bender, Flamehead Anger, Regina, Flocked Ted, Sparkle Hair joy, Unmaksed Twisty, Blackout Antman, Lil’ Gruesome (Green), Unmasked Captain America, Gold Frieza, Lil’ Gruesome (Yellow), Parka Helena, Cheesy Skipper, and Sparkle Hair Sadness

We are also getting 6″ Mega POP! Vinyl figures of Unmasked Baymax and Flocked Snuffleupagus, and a larger sized Dinoco Lightning McQueen!

As if all of that wasn’t enough, there will be a special grey and black Deadpool POP! Rides Chimichanga Truck!

If POP! Vinyls aren’t your thing, maybe Funko’s ReAction line is more your flavor? From ReAction Funko is offering a special Bloody Jaws with Quint two pack, as well as Dead Gus Fring, battle Damage T-1000, Hook Hands T-1000, and Unmasked versions of both Arrow and The Flash!

From their Hikari line, Funko is offering up special versions of the Metalunar Mutant, Deadpool, Boba Fett, a Clone Trooper, Groot, and Darth Vader!

Funko’s side project collaboration Vinyl Sugar is also getting into the mix as well with offerings from both their Dorbz and Vinyl Idolz lines!

From Dorbz we are getting super-sized 6″ XL Dorbz figures of batman, Rocket Raccoon, and Groot! We are also getting an exclusive normal sized 1950’s Batman and Thrillkiller Batman Dorbz figures!

From Vinyl Idolz we can expect a slimed Peter Venkman and  marshmallowed versions of Ray Stantz and Egon Spengler!

(via Funko & Pop Vinyls)

Super7 Return To ReAction

While the popular retro styled ReAction toyline is mostly known as a Funko product, let’s not forget that the line was originated by the team over at Super7! The original ReAction figures were based on 1979 sci-fi horror classic ‘ALIEN’ for SDCC 2013, and from there Funko took the concept (and the brand) and ran with it to make some of the coolest figures we’ve seen in years based on some of our favorite classic films and television series! Now the original team from Super7 is bringing us a brand new ReAction SDCC Exclusive in the form of their Universal Monsters Box Set!

This SDCC Exclusive set comes packaged in special Crypt styled casing, and features four iconic UNiversal monsters figures of The Wolfman, Frankenstein’s Monster, The Mummy, and The Creature From The Black Lagoon all done in a translucent blue plastic with a ghostly glow in the dark white wash over them! This set is retailing at $65, so it’s not for everybody, but it’s certainly a nice pick up for classic horror fans!


(via AFI)

‘Penny Dreadful’ Comes To Entertainment Earth

The team over at Entertainment Earth have blown the competition out of the water with the reveal of their all new convention exclusive ‘Penny Dreadful’ 6″ scale line! This series, based on the popular Showtime series of the same name, features seven fully articulated figures that each sport 18 points of articulation throughout. Series fan favorite characters like Ethan Chandler, Vanessa Ives, and more come to life in this SDCC 2015 Exclusive series of 6″ figures from Entertainment Earth and Bif Bang Pow! Aside from the 6″ scale line, Bif Bang Pow! and Entertainment Earth are also releasing a ‘Penny Dreadful’ themed journal based on the one Frankenstein uses on the hit series! Check out the solicitations for these collectibles below-

Ethan Chandler, the brash American gunslinger, undergoes a powerful change when the moon is full. Now, collectors can grab him before he turns once more with the Penny Dreadful Ethan 6-Inch Action Figure – Convention Exclusive. This is a limited edition of 2,800 pieces and comes individually numbered. The figure showcases Ethan in an extra-long gray trench coat made of soft and bendable PVC plastic, with the rest of his outfit consisting of a brown shirt with gold chain and dark gray pants. Ethan comes with his signature gun holster, guns and removable bowler style hat.

The seductive and enigmatic Vanessa Ives. The Penny Dreadful Vanessa Ives 6-Inch Action Figure – Convention Exclusive is a limited edition of 3,700 pieces and comes individually numbered. The beautiful clairvoyant is wearing an ankle-length black skirt with a checker square pattern along with a matching maroon vintage Victorian coat that is made of soft and bendable PVC plastic. The rest of Vanessa’s wardrobe is completed by a black high-necked blouse. She comes with her trusty set of tarot cards fanned out into one piece, plus a separate single card. These are the first ever 6-inch action figures of the popular Penny Dreadful characters. They are intricately detailed and feature an amazing 18 points of articulation.

As an amasser of rare souvenirs acquired on his travels, Sir Malcolm Murray portrayed by Timothy Dalton knows a valuable collectible when he sees one. Now Penny Dreadful fans around the world can collect the collector himself, with the Penny Dreadful Sir Malcolm Murray 6-Inch Action Figure – Convention Exclusive from Bif Bang Pow!. This intricately detailed figure features the debonair explorer in a dapper black tailcoat suit made of soft and flexible PVC plastic. The rest of the ensemble is completed by his white collared shirt and black tie. This first ever 6-inch figure of the popular Penny Dreadful character features a whopping 18 points of articulation and includes Malcolm’s signature cane with sitting lion, top hat and hand gun as accessories. With a production run of only 2,800 pieces, this individually numbered and limited edition Entertainment Earth convention exclusive will disappear scary fast!

As far as doctors are concerned, Victor Frankenstein probably wouldn’t be your first choice for a weekly checkup. As an addition to your Penny Dreadful collection, however, this Penny Dreadful Frankenstein 6-Inch Action Figure – Convention Exclusive Frankenstein 6-inch action figure from Bif Bang Pow! will provide the prescription for what ails you. The finely detailed figure features the “not so mad-scientist” wearing slacks and a long sleeve blue shirt which is visible through his black sleeveless vest. In fact, Dr. Frankenstein is so detailed you can even see the sleepless red rings around his eyes! This first ever 6-inch figure of the popular Penny Dreadful character features a whopping 18 points of articulation and includes the young doctor’s infamous sketchbook and surgical scissors as accessories. With a production run of only 2,800 pieces, collectors will want to grab this individually numbered and limited edition Entertainment Earth convention exclusive before it’s gone forever!

“It’s alive! It’s alive! (Well, not really, but it’s still fun to play with!) Why spend countless hours trying to piece together a creature from spare parts when you can have Dr. Frankenstein’s creation without all the mess? Thanks to Bif Bang Pow! you can now own the doctor’s first born with the Penny Dreadful The Creature 6-Inch Action Figure – Convention Exclusive. This detailed figure features The Creature in an all-black Victorian style trench coat with a high neck wrap to help hide the not-so-pleasant surgery by his father. The coat itself is made up of a soft and bendable PVC plastic. This first ever 6-inch figure of the popular Penny Dreadful character features a whopping 18 points of articulation and will fit nicely beside the 6-inch figure of Dr. Frankenstein. With a production run of only 2,400 pieces, collectors will want to grab this individually numbered and limited edition Entertainment Earth convention exclusive before it disappears into the night.

Ethan’s meticulously detailed figure captures the charming American gunslinger transformed into his hybrid human werewolf self, wearing a gray coat made of soft and bendable PVC plastic. The rest of Ethan Chandler’s outfit consists of a brown shirt with gold chain, dark gray pants and his creepy long claws. This first-ever 6-inch figure of the popular Penny Dreadful character features an amazing 18 points of articulation and includes Ethan’s signature gun holster and guns. With a production run of only 2,400 pieces, this individually numbered and limited edition Entertainment Earth convention exclusive will disappear quickly as dawn approaches!

This first-ever 6-inch figure of Dorian Gray features a whopping 18 points of articulation and includes Dorian’s signature goblet as an accessory. With a production run of only 3,700 pieces, this individually numbered and limited edition Entertainment Earth convention exclusive will disappear scary fast!

Need a place to capture your secret creations and creepy anatomical drawings? Then your inner evil genius self must have the Penny Dreadful Frankenstein Sketchbook Deluxe Journal – Convention Exclusive. This limited edition of 1,500 pieces comes individually numbered and is inspired by Dr. Frankenstein’s actual sketchbook. This journal features 160 parchment-colored pages with the ‘not so mad’ doctor’s sketches watermarked throughout! The prop replica-style leather-like sketchbook journal measures about 8-inches tall x 5-inches wide and showcases the initials V.F. (for Victor Frankenstein) embossed on the front cover in gold foil.


Available for the first time on July 8, 2015 at the Entertainment Earth booth #2343 at San Diego Comic-Con, fans will have the first opportunity to grab these individually numbered and limited edition exclusives!

(via AFI)

Jakks Pacific Exclusives

This year Jakks Pacific is taking the old saying ‘Go Big Or Go Home’ a little bit literally with their massive scale SDCC Exclusives! This years offerings are from their 20″ scale BIG FIGS line! Exclusives include special new takes on fan favorite characters with the inclusion of Holo Darth Vader and First Appearance Boba Fett, as well as a special new 20″ Link from ‘Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword’! Vader and Link will be sold exclusively at the Entertainment Earth booth, while Boba Fett will only be available at the Jakks Pacific booth!

(via TNI)

Gentle Giant Goes Big

It goes without saying that when Gentle Giant Studios are involved, you can expect something really cool to come out of it! At SDCC 2015, we can expect quite a few really cool things to come out of Gentle Giant, which has grown to become known for their over sized versions of classic retro action figures. Their SDCC offerings include special paint variants and even unique collector figures of some of everybody’s favorite characters from various franchises! We’re getting 12 inch scale versions of…

Secret Wars Deadpool! YES really! Even though Deadpool wasn’t around during the original ‘Secret Wars’ storyline in the comics, and definitely wasn’t around when the original toyline was made, Gentle Giant is bringing us a special 12″ super sized Retro ‘Secret Wars’ styled Deadpool figure!

We are also getting 12″ scale versions of Boba Fett and R2-D2 based on their toy appearances from the 1985 animated classic ‘Droids’!

From their Jumbo Scale G.I. Joe line, we have the Infantry Trooper, also known as The Grunt! This piece is based on one of the very first original 3.75″ G.I.Joe figures from 1982!

And just to shake things up a little bit, Gentle Giant is also doing a Micro Scale version of two G.I. Joe favorites! There will be a special Micro Scale figure 2-pack featuring mini non-articulated versions of Snake Eyes and Rock’n’Roll that are small enough to fit both of them easily across the palm of your hand!

If you aren’t into over or undersized versions of your favorite childhood toys, then maybe Gentle Giant’s SDCC Exclusive Prototype Armor Boba Fett Minibust is more your thing? This minibust captures the original concept art design of famed bounty hunter Boba Fett as conceived for ‘Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back’!

Loyal Subjects At  SDCC

I think It’s safe to say that the team over at The Loyal Subjects have seen SDCC as a big opportunity to bring their fans a ton of awesome exclusives from some of their most popular collectible lines! They have so many special exclusive items, that they’re actually gone ahead and released a schedule based around when and where you can obtain them at the convention! Some of these items are event exclusive, so if you don’t hit the convention every single day, you might miss out on some great stuff! Here is the full rundown from The Loyal Subjects

Mattey Collector Shoots For Halo

Mattey Collector is bringing some awesome new products to the forefront from one of your favorite video game series, ‘Halo’! This year mattey Collector is offering two veyr special and unique ‘Halo’ branded items from both their Megablocks and Boomco lines!

First up is a special ‘Halo 5: Guardians’ limited edition Mini-figure 3-pack from Megablocks! This special edition 3-pack includes highly articulated mini-figures of Master Chief, Arbiter, and Spartan Locke in a specially designed package that allows them to be fully displayed in the box! It also includes game accurate weapons for each character, and a build-able display stand.

The real winner here though is definitely the new Boomco ‘halo’ UNSC/Covenant Battle Pack! This set comes with two iunique toy guns that are designed to look like replicas of the UNSC M6 Blaster Pistol and the Covenant Elite Plasma Blaster Pistol! These designs are based of the weapons looks in game, and they fire up to special smart stick darts distances of up to 70 feet!

(via AFI)

It’s Morphin Time!

Bandai has announced several new ‘Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’ exclusives for this year’s San Diego Comic Con! This year they are offering three specialty ‘Power Rangers’ related items, and wow do they look great!

The first of these is a Tokyo Vinyl Mighty Morphin Power Rangers White Ranger figure, which is limited to a quantity of 700! This is the fifth vinyl Power Rangers figure in this series.

Next up is a Mighty Morphin power Rangers Dino Charger Power Pack! This is an exclusive fusion collectible made for fans of both ‘Dino Charge’ and ‘Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. This is also limited to a production run of 700.

Last but far from least is a special ‘Black Edition’ Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Legacy Saba Saber! This is a full size replica of the Saba Saber as seen on the original ‘Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’ television series, and features premium black and gold materials, as well as die cast parts. They are only producing around 1000 of these bad boys, each of which will be numbered and packed in a special premiere collectors box.

(via TNI)

‘Who’ You Gonna Call to 221B Baker Street? Exclusives!

Titan Merchandise have announced four exclusive new Titan Vinyl figures from across their various lines as San Diego Comic Con Exclusives this year! Fans can look forward to a ‘Ghostbusters’ figure, a ‘Sherlock’ figure, and two special ‘Doctor Who’ figures from the Tennant era!

Doctor Who TITANS: 4.5″ 10th Doctor Tuxedo

This 4.5″ TITAN figure features the 10th Doctor, as played by David Tennant, all dressed up in his tuxedo! Very Limited Stock – $20.00

Doctor Who TITANS: 3″ 10th Doctor Fez

“That’s a time fissure! A tear in the fabric of reality! Anything could happen! For instance… a fez?” From the 50th Anniversary Special ‘The Day Of The Doctor’ comes the 10th Doctor, played by the returning David Tennant, wearing the 11th Doctor’s trademark Fez! Very Limited Stock – $15.00

Sherlock TITANS: 3″ Sherlock Priest Disguise

From the episode ‘A Scandal In Belgravia’, this 3″ Vinyl Figure features the legendary detective in his priest disguise! Very Limited Stock – $15.00

Ghostbusters TITANS: 3″ Red Stay Puft

From the hit film comes this 3″ TITAN figure of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man – in red! Very Limited Stock – $20.00

(via AFI)

 Build Up The SDCC Hype With LEGO

As if there weren’t enough cool San Diuego Comic Con Exclusives already this year, now LEGO is coming at you for more! LEGO have announced several unique SDCC exclusive building sets and minifigures for this year from many of your favorite LEGO brands like ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Marvel’! Here’s the run down-

LEGO® Star Wars™ Dagobah™ Mini-build
An iconic planet from the Star Wars films The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi in one of the most pivotal scenes is recreated in LEGO bricks; available for sale only at San Diego Comic-Con.
Ages 8-14
177 pieces

LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes All New Captain America Minifigure (Sam Wilson)
Marvel’s Falcon as Captain America is transformed into a LEGO minifigure that will be given away to select Comic-Con attendees
Ages 6+

LEGO Star Wars First Order Stormtrooper Buildable Figure
The new version of the Storm Trooper from the much-anticipated Episode VII will be represented as a LEGO Star Wars Buildable Figure available for sale in January 2016
Ages 7-14
81 Pieces
Coming January 2016!

LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes Throne of Ultron™
This ultimate collectors set for fans of the blockbuster hit Avengers: Age of Ultron will only be available for sale at San Diego Comic-Con next month; features the Ultron character in LEGO minifigure form
Ages 8-14
203 pieces

LEGO® DC Super Heroes Roy Harper Arsenal Minifigure

Straight from The CW’s hit series ‘Arrow’, Roy Harper (or ‘Arsenal’) is coming to your Lego Minifigure collection! This figure will be given away to select Comic-Con attendees
Ages 6+


(via AFI & WSJ)

Toys R Us Nabs Some Of The Years best Exclusives

Okay, that headline might be a liiiiittle bit opinionated, but you can decide that for yourself when you see all of the awesome stuff they’ve got in store for us at this years convention! We’ve got exclusvies from all of your favorite brands like “Transformers’, ‘DC Comics’, ‘Star Wars’, ‘Power Rangers’ and even ‘G.I. Joe’! Toys R Us is pulling out all of the stops to bring us the toys we demand! Check them out below:

Transformers Masterpiece Bluestreak figure

Decepticons beware: Bluestreak is on the hunt for someone to fight! He converts from robot mode to sports car mode. His blaster leaps out when he gets a Decepticon in his sight! This Masterpiece Bluestreak figure will change your Transformers adventures forever!

Star Wars The Black Series Jabba’s Rancor Pit Set

Recreate the biggest battles and missions in Star Wars with figures from The Black Series! This Jabba’s Rancor Pit set includes highly articulated 3.75″ figures that are part of the ultimate Star Wars figure collection.

G.I. Joe Desert Duel Pack

It’s a fast-firing, high-rolling G.I. Joe-Cobra showdown with the Desert Duel Pack! This pack of hardcore warriors includes an Elite Horseman figure, a Cobra Air Trooper figure, Philip “Chuckles” Provost figure and Night Fox figure. Who will prevail in the end? It’s all in your hands!

Batman vs. Harley Quinn Playset

Harley Quinn leads her own battle against Batman! She wears a black and red harlequin costume, but behind her false smile hides a sneaky criminal. Batman needs all of his skills to fight her!

My Little Pony Maud Rock Pie figure

Be part of the Ponymania with Pinkie Pie’s sister, Maud Rock Pie! This beautiful pony figure looks just like her, and she wears an outfit that’s all flowers. You’ll have the best My Little Pony adventure with this lovely Maud Rock Pie figure!

My Little Pony Daring Do Dazzle figure

This Daring Do Dazzle figure is an intrepid pony and she’ll bring the magic of friendship to your My Little Pony play! She’s got the outfit and hat for fun on safari, and you can style her hair with the included comb so she never looks less than fabulous.

My Little Pony Cutie Mark Magic Princess Celestia figure

Your Princess Celestia figure is a fancy pony who spreads friendship wherever she goes! This lovely figure’s incredible wings light up and move, and she wears the crown of a true princess. She even talks! Once you have this talking Princess Celestia figure, your pony adventures will never be the same!

Power Rangers Limited Black Edition Legacy Megazord

After 20 years of Power Rangers action and excitement, return to the beginning with the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Megazord, now in limited edition black and gold.

Mortal Kombat Raiden 6″ figure

Mezco’s 6″ scale version of Raiden features 23 points of articulation, allowing him to recreate all the moves and poses that have made him part of gaming legend. To ensure a game accurate likeness, the figure has been digitally-sculpted using the digital files from the game developers.

Batman Classic TV Series Batgirl figure

This classic TV series Batgirl is available for the first time! Brave and beautiful, in 6″ scale, and rendered in actress Yvonne Craig’s likeness, she wears dynamic, iconic colors, a two-sided soft goods cape and features 16 points of articulation for the ultimate action and posing.

San Diego Comic Con is just a few weeks away, and this isn’t even ALL of the great exclusives you can get at the convention! We hope you enjoyed our round up of some of our favorite SDCC Exclusive offerings for this years convention!  Be sure to stay tuned to our regular Toy News Tuesday coverage every week for all the toy news you need to know!