To put it kindly, fans were mixed regarding Ryan Murphy’s last installment of anthology series ‘American Horror Story: Freak Show.’  For some reason, the fourth season lacked the clear vision and chills of the first three.  But one high point was the introduction of relative newcomer Finn Wittrock, who played the foppish psychopath Dandy Mott, ultimately the show’s main villain.

As Murphy is wont to do, he is bringing in veterans of his previous seasons for the fifth season, ‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ and Wittrock has been revealed to be among them.  The producer tweeted:

Wittrock had earlier commented that “[Murphy’s] kept a lot of actors in the dark so far… [but] I’m stuck! [Laughs] Like I say, Ryan’s very loyal.”

As the tweet reveals, Wittrock will be locked in a love triangle with Matt Bomer and Lady Gaga.  It was earlier revealed that Gaga would be playing the lead character in ‘Hotel.’  The pop star has an existing relationship with Murphy who used many of her hit songs on his now-defunct musical series ‘Glee.’  And Bomer had a small part in ‘Freak Show’ as a male prostitute in a relationship with Michael Chiklis‘ closeted circus strongman, who was murdered by Dandy in a particularly gruesome protracted sequence.

With Bomer’s beefed up role, will we see the ‘Magic Mike’ star return the favor by turning the tables on his romantic rival played by Wittrock?  Wittrock (who, despite his name, is not a guest character from ‘The Flintstones’) would only tease, “That might be in the cards.”

But nevertheless, audiences are sure to have a gay old time when ‘AHS’ returns in October.  What would you like to see on the new season?  What nightmares could be lurking in this ‘Hotel?’

Sources: Just Jared and Out