christian schwochow

Once Christian Schwochow is wrapped up directing the third season of Netflix’s ‘The Crown’ he already has plans to direct something new, and this time it will be firmly grounded in science fiction. Schwochow has just signed on to tackle an 8-hour sci-fi miniseries titled ‘Children of Mars’ for Beta Film and Neuesuper who are set to produce it. There aren’t too many details about what we can expect quite yet, but it is planning to show us a mission that is slated to colonize the red planet.

Schwochow is excited about the project saying:

“Since I have focused my work on stories of present and past times so far, it is more than exciting for me to develop and create this series about a world in the near future.”

‘Children of Mars’ will follow a group of 13 astronauts not too far into the future who are going to have to leave everything behind and spend the rest of their lives on another planet. The show will be set in “a near future where an eccentric tycoon sets up a private mission to colonize Mars.” Interestingly enough, the tycoon himself is one of the 13 who will be “on a one-way trip to the red planet.” However, things clearly aren’t what they seem for everyone as the final hint for the plot is that “while they may have left Earth behind, they cannot say the same for their past.”

What that line means for the story is still shrouded in mystery. Speaking of the story, Simon Amberger (‘Blockbustaz’) penned the script and will also serve as a producer for the film.

The series is slated to be Neuesuper’s first English-language production and will begin filming after the finalize post-production on their upcoming mini-series ‘8-Days.’

Are you looking forward to ‘Children Of Mars’? Do you feel that this mini-series will be worth checking out? What television network or streaming service do you think will likely pick this one up? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter