Matt Damon recently took part in an interview about his new upcoming movie, ‘The Martian’ where he talked about a few things, like how Ridley Scott came to direct the movie and convinced him to stay on himself. Apparently, Damon had been considering leaving the project when he found out that Drew Goddard (who was originally tapped to helm the film before leaving to direct the now ill-fated ‘Sinister Six’ film) until his first meeting with Scott. Damon confided that he was unsure of playing an astronaut who gets stranded on a planet by himself again so soon after playing one in the Christopher Nolan film, ‘Interstellar.’ However, Scott convinced him that it would be fine, telling Damon that, “the movies are totally f*cking different. This is gonna be f*cking fun. Let’s do this!” Damon found the attitude so infectious he stayed on.

Damon further explained in the interview that ‘The Martian’ is also different to any other movies that take place on Mars. “One of the biggest differences is that it’s primarily me on my own for a lot of it, and that’s a big challenge. It’s got all the bells and whistles of NASA and the whole B-side of the story is the rest of the world trying to get this guy back, but the other half of the movie is me and Ridley on Mars [laughs].” Despite much of the movie being about Damon’s character being in isolation, it’s not an “existential movie about desolation,” since the character would be spending all his time trying to solve his problems rather than sitting around worrying about them. Damon explained,

“This character is this incredibly resourceful, optimistic person who just doesn’t bother whinging about things. He just thinks ‘what’s the next problem? Okay, what’s the next problem? I just have to keep knocking down problems in order to stay alive’ because there are so many things… he’s on the very edge of death at all times. If the oxygen tank breaks, he’s gonna die. If the water tank breaks, he’ll die of thirst. If there’s a breach in the half, he’s gonna implode. If all of that works, he’s gonna starve to death. He’s like ‘there are so many things to do’, that his days are full…”

Probably the best explanation for the movie has come from the popular webcomic ‘XKCD’ which describes it as taking the scene from ‘Apollo 13’ where the scientists figure out how to save the astronauts using a bunch of random parts and turning it into an entire movie.

You can read more about what Damon had to say about ‘The Martian’ in his interview over at Collider.

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‘The Martian’ will be in theaters on October 2nd.