Channing Tatum recently opened up about his current ‘X-Men’ passion project, the stand-alone ‘Gambit‘ movie that he is spearheading alongside producer Lauren Shuler Donner. Check it out below:

“I love Gambit. I grew up in the South; my father’s from Louisiana. We’d go to New Orleans and I heard all the dialects. It felt so different from the rest of America; it has its own ancient culture. So I identified with that. And he always felt the most real of the X-Men to me. He’s kind of a tortured soul and he’s not a good guy. But he’s not a bad guy, either. He walks his own path. And of course he plays cards and drinks and is a martial-arts badass! … Josh Zetumer just turned in the first draft of the script, and it’s killer. None of us were sure how he was going to deal with the X-Men world. But we’re going to be changing some of the tropes of these movies. It’s always about saving the world (Laughs), but maybe we’re going to shift things a little but. There’s so many ways you can take [an origin story]. You could do it like Batman Begins, or a different take and go the Guardians of the Galaxy route. All I can say is, I’m super excited.”

Gambit had an inauspicious start on the big screen, appearing in the mediocre at best ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine‘ film where he was played by Taylor Kitsch, and was not very well received because of the lack of fan enthusiasm for the film. Tatum, as is clear by his words from the interview, loves the character of Gambit, and worked hard to get a solo outing for the character before he finds his way onto the main team of ‘X-Men’ in the future (though there have been rumors that he might appear in ‘X-Men: Apocalypse.) Of course, with the time jumping nature of the franchise in its current form, the next question is when ‘Gambit’ will take place, whether it is going to be a contemporary movie like ‘Deadpool’ or take place in the 1980’s like ‘X-Men: Apocalypse.’

Regardless, I’m excited to see Tatum’s take on the role, and see Gambit done right on the big screen. What are your thoughts on ‘Gambit?’ Sound off in the comments below!

Source: Screenrant