Katana battles The Creeper, who is forced to flee at sunrise.  (Apparently, he’ll return in ‘Justice League of America’.)  She is startled to find her enemy– and the killer of her husband– Sickle assisting her.  This pairing carries on as the blond swordswoman Swagger attacks with her soldiers.  Meanwhile, the spirit of her dead husband, Maseo, possesses the body of the just killed sword-crafter Grandma Jin in order to reforge Katana’s Soultaker sword.  But in the end, Katana may find herself torn between two men… her dead husband… and his killer.

This series, overall, is quite entertaining, but this issue fell just a tad short.  It wasn’t as exciting as I would have liked and felt just a bit choppy as The Creeper’s story line ultimately seemed tacked on.  But overall, I enjoyed it.  There’s a certain quirkiness to this title that I can’t quite put my finger on, but I enjoy it.

Two artists illustrate this issue, Alex Sanchez and Cliff Richards.  Both are great!  Sanchez’s art is quite unique and that suits this series perfectly.  Richards is excellent as well, though.  His faces in particular look great!  It was nice to see Katana smile for a change!  I suppose Richards’ work is a bit more mainstream, but it’s lovely so I have no complaints.

So while the plot was decent, the characterization was solid as usual and the art, though not entirely cohesive, was still great to behold.  A strong issue!



Written by Ann Nocenti
Art by Alex Sanchez and Cliff Richards
Cover by Pasqual Ferry and Ulises Arreola