Continuing the roll out of news about the ‘Arrow’ / ‘The Flash’ spin-off ‘Legends of Tomorrow,’ a new featurette has recently been promoted, showing the making of the show (the pilot at least), as well as having interviews with cast members Ciara Renee (who will be playing Hawkgirl) and Caity Lotz (playing Sara Lance/White Canary) and executive producers and writers such as Andrew Kreisberg, Greg Berlanti, and Marc Guggenheim.

There’s a bunch of new information within the video, but most important is the information regarding the plot of the series, regarding Rip Hunter coming back in time and gathering the team to save the future. As the featurette points out, ‘Arrow’ is very much about Oliver Queen trying to save Starling City, ‘The Flash’ is about Barry Allen trying to save Central City, while ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ will be about gathering all these heroes to save the world, making the show’s scale much bigger than either of its predecessors. With more heroes inevitably comes more battles and bigger special effects, which could help or hurt the show depending on how it is all done, but so far the quality looks to be top notch. Ciara Renee also points out the fan excitement to have another female superhero, though to be fair, ‘Arrow’ at least has often had more kick-ass ladies than men in its 3 season run.

Also interesting is how much footage The Flash appears in, making me think that he will probably be one of the main heroes during the pilot episode, before returning to his own show. Plus with the statement that the pilot season is going to essentially feel like a 13 hour movie actually makes me kind of excited, as A.) The smaller season should help ensure we get less filler episodes and more actual story propelling the show to it’s endgame, and B.) Less episodes potentially means they can spend more time on each episode (especially with special effects) and ensure each shot lives up to the high quality it needs.

What are your thoughts on the show after seeing the Featurette? (below) Let us know in the comments!

Source: DC Comics Movie