It sounds as if an iconic comic scene will be immortalized on film and two huge characters will help build the DC Cinematic Universe by bridging two movies.  The latest rumor is that Jared Leto, who will portray The Joker in ‘Suicide Squad’, will also appear in a cameo in next year’s ‘Batman v Superman’ in a flashback in which Ben Affleck‘s Batman (or Bruce Wayne) looks at a Robin costume encased in glass and remembers the death of his sidekick, Jason Todd a.k.a. the second Robin.  In 1988, readers voted to see this Robin-come-lately offed by the Clown Prince of Crime via a one-time-only phone poll.

And in another existing rumor, Batman will be returning the favor by appearing in ‘Suicide Squad.’  This info has been floating around for some time, but lending credence to it, Ben Affleck has been spotted in Toronto, where director David Ayers is currently shooting the film in which criminals are drafted as Black Ops troops by the US government.  Not only that, but the Batmobile has also been spotted in the same locale, further fueling the fire.

While ‘Man of Steel’ was the tip of the iceberg, perhaps Warner Brothers wasn’t ready to throw all its eggs into that basket, considering that they had already tried to establish a DC Comics Cinematic Universe with 2011’s flop ‘Green Lantern.’  Instead, ‘Man of Steel’ only contained vague references to a possible larger DCCU.  But with that movie performing well enough, WB seems to be diving into world-building with relish in their future releases.  Even in ‘Batman v Superman,’ we know that Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Cyborg will appear, with The Flash also a possibility, since that role has already been cast (with Ezra Miller) for an upcoming solo movie.  And it seems like ‘Suicide Squad’ will further flesh out this cinematic reality.

What do you think?  Are you excited to see the DCU carve out its own niche on the big screen?

Source: Latino Review