Mitch Pileggi’s Walter Skinner will be returning to Fox when the 6 new episodes of the ‘X-Files‘ airs, once again overseeing agents Mulder (David Duchovny) and Scully (Jillian Anderson). In the original run of the ‘X-Files,’ Walter Skinner was the boss on the show, as well as a reluctant friend and sometime enemy of the dynamic duo, all too often having to reign them in. He appeared in 81 episodes of the original series, plus the two movies, and has the distinction of being the only other character (besides Mulder and Scully) to appear in all nine seasons of the show. Since the show went off the air, Pileggi has made appearances on many other television shows, most notably ‘Supernatural,’ ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ and TNT’s ‘Dallas’ revival.

So far, Skinner, Mulder and Scully are the only characters confirmed to be returning to the show in the limited event series, which means that while the show will most likely maintain their story as FBI agents, they will most likely be working with new characters on stories we haven’t seen in the past, at least for the first couple of episodes (I can’t image they have this opportunity and will not revist some of the older mysteries/ characters of the show and try to wrap them up if possible).

The confirmation of Pileggi’s return came out during a recent talk show appearance by Duchovny, with further confirmation received from Pileggi himself via his Twitter feed:

Are you happy to see the return of Walter Skinner to the ‘X-Files?’ Do you feel the show will be able to live up the hype being built around its return? Let us know your theories and thoughts in the comments below!

Source: TheHollywoodReporter