It’s been a busy few days for the fan community, with huge reveals at Star Wars Celebration and the newest trailer for ‘Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice’ among other tidbits.  The movie itself doesn’t even hit theaters until next March, but fans are already squirming with anticipation to see how Ben Affleck plays out as a older, seasoned veteran hero opposite Henry Cavill, reprising his role as Superman from ‘Man of Steel’.

Now that we’ve taken in the quick-cut trailer, it’s time to take a closer look at the controversial Batsuit.  It’s been no secret that director Zack Snyder is drawing heavily from Frank Miller’s ‘The Dark Knight Returns’ graphic novel, the nihilistic miniseries that is often sited as the work that permanently changed comics from a medium of children’s entertainment to one directed that older adult readers.  In the story, which is set at an undisclosed point in the future, a battle-weary Batman must take on his mantle once more to salvage a Gotham City that has plummeted to the depths of filth, corruption and crime.

Looking at the full view of the Batsuit, in storage in a display case, the battle-weary description seems accurate as this suit has clearly seen its share of combat.  It does once again look like a suit of padded armor, not a spandex suit like in the comics.  The difference between this version and the previous movie costumes is that this one seems to more closely mimic a natural human body.  (No nipples, thankfully.)  This carries over into the mask, which has a naturally furled scowl built in.  The gloves and boots are modeled after the more closely on the traditional comic costumes, but one big exception is the belt which appears black, which isn’t that surprising, considering that fans have been pondering for years why a creature of the night like Batman would sport any yellow accents on his uniform.

Below is Frank Miller’s version from ‘The Dark Knight Returns’:

The one thing that isn’t evident, due the lighting, is what color the costume is.  Will we once again get a monochromatic, solid black suit of armor?  As logical as it would be, the use of often cumbersome-looking armor has been a sticking point for comic purists since Michael Keaton first lumbered across the screen in the first ‘Batman’ movie.  Film director Kevin Smith (who has no official connection with ‘Batman V. Superman’) has seen the suit in color and seemed to indicate that the suit would not be one solid color, so we might actually get a gray bodysuit with the black limited to the accessories.

What do you think?  Will the new Batsuit be the best one yet, or do you think another approach would have been a wiser choice?

Source: Cinema Blend