For those unaware, the National Geographic Channel has been changing things up as of late, and the prime example of this is the exemplary new TV show which recently wrapped on their network, ‘Mars.’ The show was executive produced by Brian Grazer, Ron Howard, and Michael Rosenberg of Imagine Entertainment, along with Jon Kamen, Jonathan Silberberg and Dave O’Connor of RadicalMedia and Mexican filmmaker Everard Gout. It told the fictitious story of a mission to Mars in 2033 that was both a scripted drama with special effects that also housed some documentary sequences, utilizing the best of National Geographic while also pushing the boundaries of finding a way to entertain and educate. To date, it was a huge success for the network, having been seen by 36 million viewers globally last fall, which is how it managed to earn a pick-up for a 2nd season.

In a statement made by Courteney Monroe, CEO of National Geographic Global Networks, about the 2nd season pick-up, she stated:

“Mars is emblematic of our new breed of premium programming — programming from superb creative talent, like Imagine Entertainment and RadicalMedia, that is unabashedly smart and highly entertaining. With Mars, we were able to truly harness the global power of the brand and amplify it across National Geographic’s media platforms and we are thrilled to be bringing it back for another season.”

Brian Grazer added:

“With the genre-busting mix of documentary and drama, we created a really powerful experience for audiences that transported them to a different world, and we’re thrilled to once again work with National Geographic and RadicalMedia to continue this epic story of how humankind made Mars home.”

And Ron Howard also commented, saying:

“With Mars, we wanted to stimulate the imagination of audiences and continue to fire the belief that space exploration is an important, inevitable aspect of the human experience, inspiring the next generation of astronauts. We’re excited to see where the next season will take us.”

Did you tune in for ‘Mars?’ Are you intrigued enough to watch it now? Share your thoughts on the series in the comments below!

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