There is no one quite like Samuel L. Jackson in the pantheon of modern pop culture. The man has been in an incredible amount of films since his career started back in the 70s, ranging from ‘Star Wars’ as Jedi Master Mace Windu to many of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe films where he pops up as Nick Fury, not to mention all of the quirky, funny, and sometimes dark roles he had had over the years in films such as ‘Snakes on the Plane,’ ‘Pulp Fiction,’ and ‘The Hateful 8.’ He is second only to Harrison Ford when it comes to topping the all-time box office list, though with a  few more hits under his belt he could soon be taking that title as well.

Today we find the man working with HBO on a recap of their wildly popular ‘Game of the Thrones‘ series, where the man tells you all about the six seasons we have seen so far, in his own words and definitely in his own style.While it may not be the best way for an uninitiated viewer to truly catch up with the show, it’s a great way for long-time viewers to prep for future seasons, and Jackson attempts touch on every major storyline of the show, throwing in his own commentary about it all, telling the audience not to get too attached to the Starks, to stop asking for the dragons, and wondering why after all of these seasons of saying ‘Winter is Coming’ no one is actually preparing for winter.

It’s definitely a fun video to watch (clocking in at about 8 minutes), and you can check it out for yourself below. After you do, make sure to share your own thoughts on Jackson’s recap in the comments section.

Source: Screenrant

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